Unusual: Two police officers guarding a detainee grabbed pineapples in a hospital

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To place or not to put a stock on an inmate’s feet. This was the discussion between two policemen in Uruguay. They were in the middle of the Hospital de Clínicas of Montevideo, when the doubts rose in tone until they reached a unusual and violent fight Between both.

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The sequence was caught by one of the security cameras on the ninth floor of the sanatorium and began a summary of the dismissal for both.

In the recovery, which lasts just over a minute, we see the agents of the National Institute of Rehabilitation (INR) speaking in the corridor leading to room 832, in which the detainee was located, they also came to blows.

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It all happened on Saturday after 8:00 pm First one of them puts a pineapple on the face of the other, who responds the same way. A kick and more punches added to the fierce contest.

A nurse tried to separate them just started the fight. She didn’t make it. The situation was so tense that they had to call another policeman, a superior, who He withdrew their regulation weapons and left them in solitary confinement.

Sources from the Uruguayan Interior Ministry quoted by Village They said a briefing was initiated with the firing of both police officers, who were arguing while guarding a detainee.

The fight arose because one of the troops wanted to put a stock on the prisoner they were guarding and the other did not. Now, the case has been left in the hands of the legal department of the National Institute of Rehabilitation (INR).

The director of the Hospital de Clínicas, Álvaro Villar, described the fact as “something totally out of the ordinary” and was surprised because “a clash of this magnitude had never happened”.

“In this hospital, there are policemen watching people deprived of their liberty and there has been an incident that has absolutely nothing to do with the hospital or treatment. According to what the Interior Ministry has told us, they will be taken measures for that to happen again”, he added, speaking with the local media Underlined.

Source: Clarin

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