Haaland, the optimist of the goal that makes City dream: the day he scored 9 while playing for Norway

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Erling Haaland He is the footballer of the moment and one of the great stars of world football, who never ceases to amaze with his performances in every match. The most recent event occurred this Tuesday when he scored 5 goals in a 7-0 win against Manchester City against Leipzig for the round of 16 Samples League.

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Guardiola’s team won the tie 8-1 on aggregate (the first leg drew 1-1) and reached the quarter-finals, but the big news was Haaland’s record, who scored 5 goals (he was replaced with half time missing). playing hour) and equaled a record achieved only by lionel Messi and the Brazilian luiz Hadrian in said competition.

Beyond the amazement of many in seeing Haaland score 5 goals, it is worth remembering that it is not the first time that the Norwegian has performed in such a performance. In reality he already had an even more effective one: one day he managed to score 9 goals. Yes, 9.

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It was in a match that the Norwegian U20 national team defeated Honduras 12-0, on May 30, 2019, playing the World Cup in that category. A not yet so well known Erling Haaland, barely 19 years old, has gone viral all over the world for his spectacular goalscoring record.

He was still ‘the Norwegian boy’ who broke it in German Salzburg and despite still not getting past Borussia Dortmund and his recent arrival at City, he was already starting to make his name resonate across the footballing planet.

For the Norwegian national team that match was unforgettable for Haaland’s record but also for the team of that country, which obtained the biggest victory in the history of the competition.

It should be noted that Erling was born in the UK, because his father, who was also a player, played for English clubs such as Nottingham Forest, Manchester City or Leeds.

Despite this, at the age of three, Haaland left England with his family to return to the Norwegian town of Bryne. There, later, he started his football career in the club of the same name of the city, Bryne FK and made his professional debut.

The City forward has done credit to his country of upbringing and despite being born in the UK, he has always stated that he wants to represent Norway at international level, a decision which cost him his missing out on the World Cup in Qatar but which will have him struggling to make it to North America in 2026.

Source: Clarin

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