The creator of ‘Muchachos’ doesn’t have tickets for the national team match and runs to sing the anthem at the Monumental

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Get the Qatar World Cup not only did he leave indelible images inside the pitch, with goals, victories and hugs to remember forever, but also outside of it, the entire climate that surrounded the feat of the Argentina national team a in the Middle East gave away unique postcards.

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A great example was “Boys”​, the song that a fan invented by putting the lyrics of the classic from La Mosca, conceived after the title of America in the Maracaná and which ended up exploding during the World Cup, resounding in every corner of the country and going viral all over the planet.

There has been a lot of talk about Fernando Romero, this guy who appeared one day in the preview of a match at the Monumental and presented the song for the first time, sung a capella and as an extra fan.

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Recently, when Argentina received the FIFA The Best award for “the best fan of the year”, they said on social networks that it should be Fernando and not El Tula who deserves to be on stage sharing a gala with Scaloni, Messi and Dibu Martínez, the other three winners of the Paris night.

Not only could Fernando not be in Paris, but he won’t even have his place next Thursday on the River pitch, when the national team plays in the friendly match against Panama and the title won in Qatar will be celebrated with a party that promises to have everything . Or almost everything, because the author of “Boys” seems to see it on TV.

The complaint came via Twitter. Fernando tried to get his ticket like nearly 1.5 million Argentines but had no luck with the famous ‘virtual queue’ which was only accessed by a few thousand.

The young man, a 30-year-old teacher who lives in the western suburbs of Buenos Aires, posted a WhatsApp snapshot in which he speaks with TyC Sports journalist Matías Pelliccioni, the reporter who helped him spread the song in that first interview that made it public.

In that exchange of messages, recorded on 4 December, the day after the victory in the round of 16 against Australia, Fernando was enthusiastic about a possible consecration and applied to sing the anthem on the day Argentina brought the cup to the country.

Now, if all is given, I hope for nothing less than to sing the anthem on the feast dayRomero wrote.

Given the lack of tickets, he did not hesitate to ask for a supersaver ticket on the networks, also quoting Chiqui Tapia, president of the AFA.

“They say that we still don’t know who sings the anthem…”, commented Fernando by way of supplication. And he added, taking out a sheet: “Once I sang and a barbaric mess broke out, think about it …”.

After the post, thousands of users started supporting this possibility due to the importance that the young fan ended up having for an essential part of the World Cup, the joy that he aroused in all Argentines with his theme.

Source: Clarin

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