Paolo Goltz gave Independiente a penalty, in one of the most unusual plays in the history of Argentine football

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Independent AND Colon They drew 1-1 in Avellaneda, in a hot and controversial match that featured one of the most unusual plays in Argentine football in memory. The defender Paolo Goltz It was he who starred in a particular action, which will go around the world.

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30 minutes of the second half were played when Colón had a goal kick in his favour. the archer Ignazio Chicco he wanted to serve quickly and tapped his leg towards Goltz, who was next to him. The former Boca didn’t realize the ball was in play and grabbed it with his handprovoking with his lack of concentration a rigor as rude as it is clumsy.

Distracted, the referee Nicholas Lamolina He didn’t realize what had happened and only reacted when the Independiente players angrily claimed it. He LAUNCH The assist for Lamolina was fundamental, which ends up sanctioning the penalty. At that moment, Colón exploded at the judge, with more anger than justice.

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In reality, the Santa Fe team was already angry from the first half, when Lamolina sanctioned a controversial penalty for Red, which had been the partial equalizer.

Wanchope Ábila and his claim to Lamolina.  Photo: Fernando de la Orden.

Wanchope Ábila and his claim to Lamolina. Photo: Fernando de la Orden.

After Goltz’s blooper and claims, Lamolina ended up expelling Gorosito, DT del Negro, and his assistant, Gustavo Zapata.

It mattered little to him Matias Gimenezwho jumped the ball and scored the 2-1 run for Independiente, at the end of an unusual play that will be in the sports news from all over the world.

Source: Clarin

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