End of the mystery: Alfa has revealed what’s in the suitcase he left at the Big Brother house

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Another time Walter Santiagopopularly known as Alpha, has generated controversy. The former participant of Big Brother It was inside the night of the ex (Telefe) and surprised viewers by revealing What’s in the suitcase he left behind with his former colleagues? when he returned to the most famous house.

The 60-year-old man was undoubtedly one of the most controversial participants and the one who generated the most discord in the program, both for the discussions of his colleagues and for his attitudes which on more than one occasion generated great repudiation from part of the followers of the program.

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So much so that in mid-February, after being on the plate, Alfa was voted the most by the public and had to leave the house, collecting 52.83 percent of the votes.

Alpha mentioned the mysterious suitcase.  Catch TV.

Alpha mentioned the mysterious suitcase. Catch TV.
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Outside of reality, it became a media outlet and continued to generate controversy. Alfa has revealed on several occasions that it wants to go home, but only for a while, to have a coffee with former colleagues and see what their reactions have been.

Finally, the production of the program fulfilled the businessman’s dream and returned to the most famous house in early March.

Walter Santiago opened the door of the large television studio and entered from the garden, but the most surprising thing was that he was carrying a mysterious suitcase.

Seeing him enter, Camilla Lactantius she came running, very excited, to hug him. He, for her part, was very close to Romina Uhrig who at one point knew how to be a great friend and companion.

Alfa stayed only a few minutes, spending most of the time inside the confessional. And when he said goodbye to his companions, he left the mysterious suitcase at home.

Alpha stated that there would have been a cell phone in the famous suitcase.  Catch TV.

Alpha stated that there would have been a cell phone in the famous suitcase. Catch TV.

Santiago del Moroconductor of the cycle, he explained that it was not possible to reveal what was inside the suitcase and that it would have been Big Brother to advise the moment in which it could be opened.

A lot of speculation arose on social media, some thought that the exact date on which the last program would be in the suitcase, others believed that it contained changes for the next nomination.

This Friday, invited to the night of the ex (Telefe) Alfa would have put an end to the mystery, is that he made an outburst and, apparently, revealed what was inside.

“What’s in the suitcase?”churches Robertito Funes Ugartewhich deals with the Telefe cycle. “A mobile phone”answered the interviewee and surprised those in the room.

The speakers even tried to change the subject Diego Leonardiwho participated in the program in 2007, recalled it Santiago del Moro he said the suitcase in question weighed about five kilos.

Alpha wanted to clarify the situation and said they don’t know what’s wrong: “I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t have the faintest idea, I went in with my suitcase closed.”

Social networks have exploded and Twitter has been filled with messages about the statements of the ex ‘little brother’.

“No one noticed Alpha said there was a cell phone in the suitcase. Robertito wanted to die and they immediately changed the subject Hahaha”, “Alfa said there’s a cell phone in the suitcase, I think so because it was quiet…”“Alfa set fire to the Big Brother surprise. There is a cell phone that said for a suitcase. I’m dying! Hahaha wanted to cancherear and ruined them!”, were some of the comments.

Source: Clarin

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