Leonel Pernía took pole position for the TC2000 in Rafaela but, believe it or not, he regretted being fastest: “I would have liked to have been tenth”

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It’s a different place to all national motorsports. He “Temple of Speed”, as the structure managed by Club Atlético Rafaela is known (the football team trains here), has a different approach. Dizziness and the latent possibility of having an accident at extreme speeds keep the warning light on all the time.

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For this reason, riders tend to value anything that is done on Rafaelino pavement. Here it goes really fast. And every milestone achieved is celebrated in a different way.

the two-time champion Leonel Pernia it was the fastest in the standings that the TC2000 did for the second round of the season. Being fastest there almost guarantees being fastest all weekend. And that’s why it tastes special. However, in terms of strategy, there are doubts as to whether being the fastest is the most advantageous on a circuit of these characteristics.

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How can it be? “I’m very happy with Rafaela’s pole position, it’s a unique feeling. I would have liked to have been in tenth place. But I owed the pole position to Rafaela, just last year I had achieved a victory here. And now we aim for victory ”, assured the monarch.

The Renault of Leonel Pernía, dominant in El Templo de Rafaela.  Photo: Instagram.

The Renault of Leonel Pernía, dominant in El Templo de Rafaela. Photo: Instagram.

What does it refer to? The category uses a tool that contributes to the show. It is the “Push to Pass”, an accessory that gives more power to the engine with a series of strokes. And for those who start late, activations are added.

On a fast track like Rafael’s, the starting grid position is not as significant as in other circuits, as there are more overtaking possibilities, optimizing the aerodynamic advantages You prepare to accelerate behind another vehicle.

The concrete thing is that Pernía will start up front. Behind the two-time champion was Bernardo Llaverwith a Honda, followed by Julian Santero (Toyota), palm josite (Fiat) and Nacho Montenegroteammate of Pernía, with Renault.

Leonel Pernía and his son Tiago, who took pole position in the TC2000 series.  Photo: Instagram.

Leonel Pernía and his son Tiago, who took pole position in the TC2000 series. Photo: Instagram.

Franco Vivianoone of the winners of the first stage, with Chevrolet, seventh, behind Facundo Marques.

Meanwhile, who remained in the background is one of the great protagonists of the TC2000: Facundo Ardusso, the almost local rider from Las Parejas, with Honda. Long faces on his team due to lack of results with that medium.

“In training we saw that we are not fast on the right track. I have the setup most in line with this condition but I’m the slowest. So since we weren’t going to fight for pole position, but without using the Push to Pass. That’s why I came to the pits,” explained Ardusso.

Beyond the strategies, Rafaela always offers great shows. And the TC2000 is betting on this, as it played its best race of 2022 on the Santa Fe date.

The final will be played on Sunday, starting at 11:25, with the broadcast of the Carburando team, TyC Sports and El Trece.

Source: Clarin

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