An Argentinian goalkeeper scored a rarely seen goal from goal to sink Colo Colo

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things for him Colo Colo they weren’t good. There were 13 minutes left in the game and I couldn’t find a way back cobresalwho won 2-0. And things got worse in the least expected way: the Argentine goalkeeper Leander Requena He put in a left foot to take the goal kick and ended up celebrating the third as the ball went into the other goal.

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What happened? Colo Colo played very advanced, among them goalkeeper Brayan Cortés who was several meters outside the area. Requena’s throw remained in the middle, the Chilean was halfway between stopping and intending to head and the ball continued its run until it touched the net.

It was worth it?

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Yes, It is covered in rule 16: “A goal can be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team; if the ball goes directly into the kicker’s goal, the opponent will be awarded a corner kick”.

Requena has played for several teams in the Argentine promotion and recently moved from Central Córdoba to Santiago del Estero and has been the center of attention and uncontrolled celebrations from his teammates.

It was Cobresal’s victory, although Colo Colo had time to discount. With the result, the team that has added the three points remains in the qualifying area for the next South American, while remaining in the middle of the table.

According to data from the Association of Researchers and Investigators of Chilean Football, the last goal scored in the national championship was in 1990, when Osmar Brunelli of Club Atlético Fernández Vial scored a similar goal against Santiago Wanderers.

Who is Requena?

Requena’s career is mainly based on the rise of Argentine football. He cut short Talleres de Córdoba during his time in National B and Federal A; Sporting Homeland, Athens of San Carlos (Uruguay); Sports Santamarina; north transept; Iron; New Chicago and the Andes. In the First Division, in 2019 in Central Córdoba and currently in Cobresal, Chile.

The goal against Colo Colo was the first of his career, with more than 200 matches, between which he was under three sticks or was a substitute on the bench.

Source: Clarin

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