Goltz explained what happened to him in the unusual penalty given to Independiente but he was wrong again

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Paolo Goltz He performed this Saturday in one of the strangest and most bizarre comedies of recent times. The Colón captain has committed a penalty to Independiente for grabbing the ball with his hands inside the area after Ignazio Chicco touched him sideways. But why did she react like this?

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After the match, the 37-year-old defender made a mea culpa in dialogue with ESPN, although not without contextualizing the action. “I have a lot of anger left. One has to take charge and I do”started, before expatriating. “We are not in a position to make these kinds of mistakes, at my age, being the captain of the team, and we have to win. It annoys me”.

However, Goltz was also tough against Nicolás Lamolinawhich he accused of having contradicting statements on the pitch which he said caused the confusion that caused him to calmly grab the ball, thinking it was not in play.

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“The referee tells me that he doesn’t always have to blow the whistle (to restart play) but earlier he reversed the plays because he didn’t give the order. So I don’t understand”She complained.

In this case the defender gets confused again because the regulation gives the right to Lamolina: the goal kick can be taken without the referee giving the order with the whistle.

“In my case I go with my head thinking I’m going to catch it and Nacho just moves the ball. And I take it. He hadn’t heard the whistle either. And he pisses me off because we’re not in a position to give this kind of thing away. I’m old enough to assume it was my mistake.” he added before falling back on Lamolina.

“(The referee) He didn’t give the order, yes. He says it’s not always necessary, but in many plays he’s backtracked. He also washed his hands of a yellow card he had to take from one of the Independiente full-backs, he didn’t take penalties… That’s what I heard from inside the pitch”, catharsis by Goltz, who stepped away from the role thanks to Wanchope’s equalizer.

Source: Clarin

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