What does salt taste like?: The unusual old trick that delayed the start of the La Plata classic between Gimnasia and Estudiantes

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The classics have I don’t know what. This Sunday the one in La Plata is played between Gimnasia and Estudiantes. And it seems that everything is needed to achieve the goal of winning. Even if, sometimes, those extra football aids are useless. Because what you need – and with what you add the three points – are goals.

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What happened in the Forest? Magically, without anyone noticing, the visitor’s desk appeared flooded with coarse salt.

Symbol of bad luck, sodium chloride (scientific name for salt) scared the relay teams led by Eduardo Domínguez. So much so that the start of the match was delayed until a local club assistant threw a couple of buckets at him and he managed to knock the grains through a grate.

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This made the classic start ten minutes later because once the salt episode was over, referee Facundo Tello had to wait for one of the broadcast cameras -and VAR- to do its job. What happened? So many people came to the stadium that they obstructed the field of vision of the apparatus.

Only then did the game begin. And immediately Boselli’s goal arrives, breaking the tie. the salt at the end He came out to the wrong team.

Source: Clarin

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