Valencia has recovered its “Fallas”, the festival of fire and gunpowder, a World Heritage Site

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The city of Valencia, Spain, This Sunday lived the last day of its “Fallas”, one of the best known festivals of the European country, in which theFire and gunpowder are the protagonists.

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This year has been very busy, without any restrictions due to the pandemic. The fireworks display did not disappoint the crowds waiting for the festivities to return.

The end of the party ends with the burning of over 760 ephemeral dollscalled “fallas”, which will burn in the different districts of the city, in what is known as lto the “cream“, a great show of lights and noise that floods the capital.

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The Fallas festival in Valencia.  Photo EFE

The Fallas festival in Valencia. Photo EFE

What are “defects”

They are great sets of wood and paper mache sculpturesallegorical and satires, which are installed at the beginning of the festivities in the streets and squares throughout the city.

On the 19th, the feast of San José, they burn as a final touch to the celebration, even if one of them, the one pardoned by a jury, will be saved and will go to swell the funds of the so-called Fallas Museum of Valencia.

They are parties that dating back to the 18th century and which in 2016 were declared Unesco World HeritageOR.

The faults in Valencia.  Photo EFE.

The faults in Valencia. Photo EFE.

These Fallas, now free from covid, have left some of the best tourist and economic records in recent years in the city.

For a week, the promoters celebrated that Valencia was flooded gunpowder, music, parades and paellas, the typical food known all over the world.

Festival of fire and gunpowder in Spain

This Sunday’s festive program had the call as a prelude Nit del Foc (Night of Fire, in Valencian) which took place this Saturday, when a spectacular fireworks display, with more than 7,000 fireworkss, lit up the Valencian dawn.

And today the day started with the traditional “despertaes”, which take place between seven and nine in the morning deafen every neighborhood with hundreds of falleros, in some cases accompanied by brass bands, announcing to the neighborhood that San José Day has arrived with thousands of pyrotechnic explosions.

The celebration honors the carpenters patternwhich gave rise to these holidays.

Throughout the day the streets of the center, and other areas with particular faults, are filled with tens of thousands of tourists who hasten the last hours of life of these authentic ephemeral monuments, as well as living the last mascletá (a very loud, colorful and rhythmic pyrotechnic shotco) in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

The moment of the Fire Parade which takes place on the last day of the Fallas, in Valencia.  Photo EFE

The moment of the Fire Parade which takes place on the last day of the Fallas, in Valencia. Photo EFE

Saturday, more than 120,000 people in the area, which meant the most massive record of the last twenty years.

In the afternoon the Round of fireA demon show and fireworks which in recent years has earned a place in the festival calendar for its spectacularity.

When it ends, the ritual of the Cremá begins, the end of the party.

It will be the turn of the purifying fire of guilt, which will kick off the enormous work of the cleaning teams for remove the ashes of the monuments and rubbish left by the hundreds of thousands of tourists who are estimated to have passed through the Valencian capital these days.

It should be remembered that the Fallas were the first suspended parties in Spain in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out.


Source: Clarin

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