Matías Suárez forgot that cursed knee for a while and returned to play to the delight of River and its people

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and one night he returned matias suarez. The Cordovan striker came on after River’s victory over Sarmiento in Junín. He came on for Ignacio Fernández (who left with a problem) in the 38th minute of the second half and did not go unnoticed. He participated in the game and also had a chance to convert.

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“I still lack confidence, but I feel better every day. I want to thank all my teammates, coaching staff, people and my family, who are supporting me. I hope I can answer. I hope to help the team. I owe a lot to this club”Suárez expressed, emotionally, after the match.

the Cordovan I haven’t played since December 22nd, in Demichelis’ friendly debut as manager, against Unión La Calera in San Luis, in which he played for 45 minutes. And officially he hadn’t done it since October 23, in the 2-1 victory over Racing in Avellaneda, for the last round of the 2022 Professional League. In that match, he played 23 minutes.

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Suárez started training normally three weeks ago along with the rest of the Y squad i was anxious for playing again and feeling useful for the team again.

It’s just that he had played just 45 minutes after Demichelis’ arrival, and in a friendly. Later, his right knee played tricks on him again. And again during the preseason, a recovery process began.

The synovitis reappeared strongly, to the point that, at a certain point in the summer, the Cordoba striker’s future was uncertain. And although, despite the rumors that circulated, he never thought of retiring or leaving River, he was very concerned about the situation. However, he regained his courage and worked alongside campus kinesiologists and physical trainers to return. And the return took place this Sunday evening in Junín.

Suárez’s problems with that damn right knee come from dragging. “The first problem Matías had in his right knee was an ossification of the patellar tendon, that is, he had a backbone and it caused him a lot of inflammation and pain. He came from Belgium to Córdoba for surgery in 2012. And that surgery improved his situation and he didn’t have any more problems. But a year later he suffered a torn cruciate ligament in that knee as well.”José María Luna, the Belgrano doctor who operated on him, had told Clarín as much.

And I add: “During that time, I traveled to participate in the operation at his request. He underwent conventional surgery on his cruciate ligaments, a common injury for high-performance soccer players. And in the two and a half years that he has been in Belgrano since his return, he hasn’t had any more knee problems. He was able to play quietly”.

At River, where he arrived at the beginning of 2019, he also continued to play quietly for two years. Until in April 2021 the problems with that right knee that had mistreated him returned and which brought him back to the operating room in the first days of October of that year.

Last year he came back and even if he failed to complete 90 minutes, every time he had to go into the second half, he was influential for the team, with outstanding goals, assists or performances. But, when it seemed like the knee problems were behind us earlier this year, his pain returned. Now Suárez hopes to leave them behind. And feel full again.

Source: Clarin

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