Ruggeri accuses Riquelme of Boca’s gift: “It’s his responsibility”

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Oscar Ruggeri has always been a critic of Boca and the Football Council. True to his style, the Cabezon goes forward regardless of the weight of the target. and now it was neither more nor less than against Juan Román Riquelme, the vice president of the club. During this Monday’s show, ESPN F90 speaker chimed in after the tough loss to Instituto and stressed that Riquelme is primarily responsible for his “decisions”.

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“All Roman”

The Xeneize does not fly from the game and last Sunday he added his second straight loss. Previously, when he played at home, he added three or went unbeaten, avoiding possible defeats, but last weekend it didn’t last and people got tired of it. Boca haven’t played well for some time, but they won first.

I can't find the direction.  (MARCELO CARROLL)

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I can’t find the direction. (MARCELO CARROLL)

Now not only does it leave many doubts about the game, but the attitude of some players has raised fan fever. “This is Riquelme’s responsibility. He is responsible for the decisions he makes”Ruggeri said.

After the 3-2 defeat against La Gloria, many questioned the continuity of Ibarra, who on the contrary remained in office. Either way, Xeneize fans, for the most part, want another trainer, one of greater weight and who has more back. The big goal every year is the Libertadores, and with El Negro it seems to be a long way off.

He left with hisses.  (MARCELO CARROLL)

He left with hisses. (MARCELO CARROLL)

But… is this lazy gift just Ibarra’s fault or is someone else responsible? For the former world champion in 1986, there is another who has a lot to do. “When they win, I’ve heard thousands of times that Riquelme doesn’t lose against him, and when they lose, it’s Ibarra, the players. They put Riquelme aside”pointed to the Cabezon.

He referred to a kind of double standard that some use and which has opened up the debate with his colleagues. However, he also expressed his opinion about what should happen with the Boca coach. Previously it had been very tough against the former right-back of the blue and gold team and Pollo Vignolo consulted him if they needed a scroll DTto which Ruggeri replied: “Yes of course”.

Continue to Boca?  (AFP)

Continue to Boca? (AFP)

He finally assured it “There’s always only one way, no matter how unfair it may be”alluding to the fact that, in the event of a break in the relationship, it is easier to dismiss a coach than several players. Is Roger right?

Source: Clarin

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