The national team, celebrating at the Monumental: with Wos and La Konga, what the show will be like for the world champions

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Thursday at 20:30, the Argentina national team will play his first game after the consecration in Qatar World Cuplast December 18th. But the party will start five hours before the match against Panamawhen the doors of the Monumentale open, and he appears on the stage set up on the lawn Palazzo Ferthe first of the summoned artists who will play on the River field.

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The set prepared by the DJ from San Antonio de Padova will begin 16.15. But he won’t be the only one, because he will reappear shortly after the show Los Totora, which will start at 18:00..

Furthermore, throughout the afternoon, films and promotions on the World Cup prepared by the AFA will be shown on the giant screen in the stadium.

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At around 19:00, the last show before the start of the game will be given by The T and the Mthe cumbia band that has become popular with the theme “For Selection”.

A little later, those who trample the Monumental grass will be Fernando Romeroauthor of the text of “Muchachos”, the return of the song of the fly, e tulla, which received the award for the best fans in the world at The Best gala. Even if it doesn’t appear The fly In the schedule, the band was assumed to be in Santiago del Estero and may be added to River sooner.

As happened in the last matches of the national team, the national anthem will be played by ariel ardito and not for Lali Espositoas speculated in the previous one, although the actress and singer could appear in the next match, against Curaçao, in Santiago del Estero on Tuesday 28.

Wos and Luz delito, the theme that the national team chose to celebrate at the World Cup

Wos and Luz delito, the theme that the national team chose to celebrate at the World Cup

As with major world events like the Super Bowl, there will be one show at halftime and it will be top notch: the rapper Troublewhose song “Light Crime” he was chosen by the members of the national team during the World Cup to put the stories on Instagram to music, he will appear in those minutes before the second half.

For the post match, in the meantime, there will be open mic for the players to express themselves and thank the fans for their affection on a stage with LED lights synchronized with the stadium’s lighting towers. over there, Chiqui tapia will give away the replica of the World Cup to Lionel Messiwhich will relaunch it as in Doha three months ago.

Finally, the closure of the party will take place the kongathe quartet that just made history with a show for 45,000 people in Vélez last Saturday.

The event will be hosted by the former national team goalkeeper Sergio Goicochea.

Source: Clarin

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