Kun Agüero recalled the worst kick he gave in his career against a Brazilian player

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Sergius Kun Omen He continues to leave comedic moments when he is in front of a camera, although this time outside the flow, his comfort zone. This time she visited the Spanish program The resistance where, far from asking him about any of the 381 goals and goals he scored in the 669 games he played during his career, they instead took him to a not-so-remembered place in his career: kicking.

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When he had to explain which player he was once in a tense situation with, Manchester City’s biggest idol chose the football he gave to Davide Luiz during a clash against Chelsea, in the 2016-2017 season.

In the beginning, those who left Independiente did not mention any names, judging that “we get on well with all the players, then something else could happen on the pitch”. A few seconds later, however, I remembered the situation in which he left his mark on the right knee of the Brazilian defender, but reliving that moment with the charisma that characterizes him: “I used to dislike David Luiz, the one with the curly hair“.

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David Luiz on the pitch, in the match against City de Agüero.  Photo: Reuters

David Luiz on the pitch, in the match against City de Agüero. Photo: Reuters

City’s all-time top scorer had caught the ball in the middle of the pitch and as soon as the defender came up to cut play, he received a massive blow from the Argentinian, who suffered a direct red card and a four-term ban . Moreover, his team lost 3-0.

After watching live football, with which Kun smiled and cheered, he had to justify himself for having that kind of reaction on the pitch. “Defenders always strike when the attacker strikes…”, defended the former Barcelona player.

And he added: “Then I wrote to him, I spoke to him on the phone and he told me ‘no brother, this one stays on the field, stay calm. She knew exactly what he was saying to me. She teased me and basically said ‘You have possession but we are like that’. But on the field starting little by little, what’s more we were losing. If you’re already winning, close the garden and you’re done (SIC).”

Similarly, to conclude the moment, David Broncano, host of the program, asked Agüero to send a greeting to the current Flamengo defender from Brazil. “David Luiz, it’s okay“said the Kun showing his thumbs up and laughing.

The day Agüero recalled football in a streaming session

In the middle of last year, Kun decided to go live to play a video game called Valorant. Meanwhile, the comment box in which his followers who watched the broadcast wrote made him leave a pearl when he spoke to David Luiz about that football for the first time.

At that time six years had passed since the situation and he gave a more extensive justification than the one he gave in La Resistencia: “They score the second goal. David Luiz looks at me and says ‘sorry mate, Chelsea is like that´. I was really excited and told him not to charge me. In the third goal he did the same to me. I grabbed him and told him that when he got the ball he would break everything. So it was”.

Is closed: “That was cancherear and bardear. I didn’t behave like that when I scored goals. And she was, she had to eat it. They gave me three appointments for that kick, but it was worth it for me. I had to cash it in but it was very hot. I lost my mind.”

Sergio Aguero celebrates the World Cup Photo: REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani.

Sergio Aguero celebrates the World Cup Photo: REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani.

Source: Clarin

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