The women’s soccer team presented the alternative jersey they will use at the World Cup: with various colors and without the three stars

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THE Argentina women’s national football team presented his new substitute shirt this morning for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand which will start at the end of July. The set has a blue base but surprises with an orange hue and a detail that won’t go unnoticed, it doesn’t have the three stars next to the AFA shield.

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With its regulation, FIFA establishes that for the dispute of the Women’s World Cup, the use of stars in shields is allowed only to those participating federations that have won the Women’s World Cup in the past (United States, Germany, Japan and Norway). For this reason, this new shirt features the AFA shield without stars.

Beyond this peculiarity, the new Selection clothing has a design that refers to the country. So the colors that the jersey has are inspired by the different natural landscapes that Argentina has throughout its extension.

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under the motto “Argentina on the skin”, we see a black base color on which a combination of some orange tones is generated, which allude to the mountains of northern Argentina, green for the forests and fields present throughout the country and blue/azure, which symbolize the rivers, the lakes, waterfalls and glaciers of Patagonia. And the phrase alludes to the feeling of representing the country through the shirt, both for a player and a fan.

The women's jersey has already been presented.  Photo: Adidas.

The women’s jersey has already been presented. Photo: Adidas.

“Supporting women’s sport is one of the great pillars we have adidasTherefore, the Women’s World Cup is the ideal platform to make visible the work that the company carries out in this sense,” said Pablo Lamo, general manager of adidas Argentina.​

And he added: “This new Argentina national team shirt has a design thought exclusively for Argentine players and inspired by the nature present in our country, something that transforms it into an iconic garment and that once again give strength to the message of gender equality that we already conveyed last year when we launched the AFA alternative jersey for the 2022 World Cup. The values ​​of diversity and inclusion are strategic for our brand”.

The jersey is already on sale in the Adidas app and on its website. In the next few days it will arrive in physical stores and other authorized resellers.

The new complete alternative set.  Photo: Adidas.

The new complete alternative set. Photo: Adidas.

The World Cup will take place from 20 July and the national team, led by Germán Portanova, will join group G with Italy, South Africa and Sweden.

Source: Clarin

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