Home Sports She presented a fake certificate to go to the national team, told about it on television, said goodbye to her boss and now she’s been fired

She presented a fake certificate to go to the national team, told about it on television, said goodbye to her boss and now she’s been fired

She presented a fake certificate to go to the national team, told about it on television, said goodbye to her boss and now she’s been fired

An employee of the municipality of Funes, Santa Fe, was fired this Friday for an incredible lack of tact. Presented a false certificate of illness, but appeared at the Monumental to watch the Argentina national team match against Panama. As if that weren’t enough, it aired on television and he sent greetings to his boss: “Today we are world champions”, he celebrated.

Huilen Barbieri, 21, worked at the Eva Perón Health Center in the aforementioned city of Santa Fe. Thursday she lost her job. Around 3.30pm appeared giving a note on a TyC Sports cell phone, who chatted with fans who had gone to see La Scaloneta. The slogan was: “What have you given up to be on the pitch?”

Huilen, said bluntly: “The labor”.

The surprised reporter tried to throw him a cross and wondered if he was leaving it for that day or permanently. The young lady doubled down on her bet and sent a greeting to her boss. “I greet Roly (Santacrocce), the boss, of Central, he’s finding out on TV. A medical certificate has arrived on the spot, but I’m fine, I’m a jewelI had diarrhea but that’s it, I swore I’d stop it,” she says with a laugh.

Roly Santacrocce isn’t just your boss. He is the mayor of Funes. In case it wasn’t clear, the young woman clarified that she was from that city.

In her mini-interview the young woman says “I magically appeared here at the Monumental with my friend and I say what’s going on? That’s all”, she laughs. As if the scene lacked a bit of cinema, in the video we see how a cloud of smoke descends over the employee as she tells her story: it was a grate that was next to her.

“Roly, I swear I work twice as hard all year round, but let me enjoy being world champion“, the young woman continues laughing. The journalist asks her, after the joke, if she isn’t worried about “the telegram”. “This is a problem for tomorrow, today we are world champions”, concludes the note.

The truth is that the next day the telegram has arrived.

“Logically, he no longer works in the municipality. It was decided quickly, as soon as I learned what had happened,” Santacrocce said in an interview with the program on Friday All in the eight. “She will not work with us, she hurts a lot, she is the sister of my private secretary, a young girl, who was doing a very important job and did it during the pandemic, she came in during my administration.” added the head of the community.

“They’re a very hard generation to explain. It hurt me because she’s a girl I appreciate, but he made a serious mistake and sometimes mistakes are paid for“, analyzed the mayor.

Given the commotion caused by her escape, the young woman went out to give her version of events on Instagram. “Given the facts of public knowledge, I apologize to the mayor of Funes. I made a joke for the cameras and I never thought it would have such an impact“, I lament.

As stated in an Instagram story mentioned by The capital, I was allowed to travel to watch the match because I changed the day with a colleague. “I didn’t want to generate this controversy, I know how difficult it is to get a job these days,” she said.

Source: Clarin


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