Video: Chelo Delgado’s violent kick in Boca’s defeat against River in the senior superclassic

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Boca Juniors had the pleasure of beating River Plate 3-0 in the senior superclassic played tonight at the 23 de Agosto stadium, Gimnasia y Esgrima, in Jujuy, which was attended by historical figures from both institutions.

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As part of the preparation for the official competition of the category which will begin in two weeks, the “Xeneizes”, who dominated the game during the 80 minutes (two halves of 40 each were played), prevailed with two victories in the former striker Ariel Carreño, one in each half, and in the rest of former midfielder Matías Giménez, with a header (he had previously canceled another in the same way), in the first phase.

The Boca team was technically directed by the duo formed by Blas Giunta and Silvio Rudman, while the River Plate coach was Máximo Gallardo, father of the “Muñeco”.

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In this way and in front of 10,000 spectators who harangued and gloated for the presence of some characters such as Mauricio “Chicho” Serna in Boca or Ariel “Burrito” Ortega in River, the Auriazules won the Jujuy Province Cup.

‘Xeneize’ striker Antonio Barijho also got much applause as he stepped out for pre-match exercises at half-time.

However, the salient note was taken by Chelo Delgado two minutes into the second half when he kicked completely out of context. Boca led 2-0 when Manuel Ledesma took the ball down the left. Delgado came down to take over and leapt feet forward at the River player. Violent football has just been penalized with a yellow card.

So they formed

Mouth: Jorge Martínez, Joel Barbosa, Ignacio Presedo, Pablo Ledesma, Antonio Barijho, Walter Pico, Mauro Navas, Matías Arce, Matías Giménez, Cristian Muñoz, Jorge Álvarez, Diego Cinello, Martín Andrizzi, Mariano Herrón, Juan Pablo Cuesta, Jorge Bermúdez , Raúl Cascini, Hansel Aleman, Marcelo Delgado, Mauricio Serna, Daniel Díaz, Claudio Morel Rodríguez and Matías Donnet.

River: Ariel Ortega, Rodrigo Mora, Carlos Catrancchia, Matías Giordano, Lucas Mareque, Facundo Villalba, Manuel Ledesma, Jorge Araujo, Adrián Catrancchia, Diego Armando Barrado, Claudio Bigiolaccio, Alexis Bulacio, Ariel Franco, Joaquín Farah, Gustavo Escobar and Pablo Romero .

Source: Clarin

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