Boca beat River in the senior superclassic in Jujuy: the goal that Ariel Carreño emulated twenty years later

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Boca Juniors won a different superclassic this Sunday, but a superclassic nonetheless. It was at the “23 de Agosto” stadium in Jujuy, where the Xeneize senior beat River 3-0, in a match marked by the presence of prominent figures in the history of both teams and played in front of around 10,000 spectators.

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Ariel Carreño, on two occasions, and Matías Giménez, with his header, scored the goals for a team that was led by Blas Armando Giunta and Silvio Rudman, and which included, for example, current members of the Football Council and former champions of America and of the world with the auriazul shirt like Raúl Cascini, Marcelo Delgado and Mauricio Serna.

In the first of his conquests, Carreño brought back to mind the most ardent Boca fans a memory of the year 2002, when he was about to turn 23. On that occasion the Riverside team had also beaten River, but in a summer friendly played in Mar del Plata.

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On that occasion, the Cordovan striker shot diagonally from the center right and defined the near post when he entered the area, taking over in his second exultation of that superclassic and decreeing the 4-0 which is then final. The play ended in a curious way, because the player celebrated that goal by embracing one of the linesmen.

On the night of Jujuy, the story was similar: Carreño gave the ball to Pablo Ledesma, looked for the gap between the second central scorer and River’s left-back, and even before that, without needing to control the ball to get his best profile, took a new right hand to the near post. In this way Carreño opened a game that was generally favorable to Boca.

Boca’s second celebration at the Jujuy gymnastics and fencing stadium came with Matías Giménez, who headed Matías Donnet’s free kick into the center of the river box.

Already in the complementary part, Carreño, who after Boca spent in Argentina through clubs such as Chacarita, San Lorenzo, Nueva Chicago, Lanús and Tiro Federal, among others, closed another dream night against the biggest rival with a accurate definition, alone against the opposing goalkeeper.

River, which featured a team led by Ariel Ortega, a local figure, and Rodrigo Mora, could do little against an opponent who dictated the conditions for much of the match.

The violent kick of “Chelo” Delgado and the apology

It was just over two minutes into the second half when Manuel Ledesma received on the left wing. The River player checked before Daniel Díaz’s sign and was waiting for a strong sign from the nickname “Cata”. However, the violent entry was not received by the defender.

Is that “Chelo” Delgado came from a position of right-hand driving at the maximum speed that his 50 years allow him and crossed Ledesma strongly.

The striker apologized immediately, even though he was not spared a yellow card that seemed like a light punishment. The River player got up after a few seconds and after being treated by the doctors, and continued the match, albeit with clear signs of pain.


Source: Clarin

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