Who’s who in the photo of Tapia’s dinner with De Paul, Angel Correa and Thiago Almada

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Ombu is a restaurant that defines itself as an Italian trattoria. It is located in Patricios Park. And Sunday evening was the scene of a very special dinner, shared between important personalities of Argentine football.

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Three world champions sat at a long table with an Italian landscape painted in the background: Rodrigo De Paul, Thiago Almada and Angel Correa.

The latter two are ahead in the photo, while the midfielder, in a black shirt and white cap, was next to the AFA president, Claudio Chiqui Tapidressed in a light sweater.

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They weren’t the only diners. There were also representatives with important surnames. Agostino Jiménezmanager of the three players, was alongside De Paul.

And in front of him stood Christian Bragarniklicensed businessman, owner of Elche in Spain and who manages the careers of many Argentine footballers, although in the last call there was only one, who has now appeared on the radar of La Scaloneta and that is Lautaro Blanco.

Between Jiménez and Almada, receiving a plate from a waiter and wearing a blue three-striped shirt, was a bodyguard for Tapia. And at the bottom of the list, another close collaborator of Chiqui. And in front of him, a close friend of the Jiménez who works with them.

As in recent times, when word spread that the world champions would dine in the exclusive trattoria, dozens of fans gathered outside the venue to get a close-up look at the players.

At the time of the photo they were just getting the pasta dishes they ate. And the drinks were different: there were waters, soft drinks, wines and beer. And after dessert, a singer sang “Muchachos” in a tango version.

The dinner was given in the context of a free day for the Argentine team, which trained this Monday in Ezeiza and then traveled to Paraguay -first- to participate in a Conmebol tribute and then to Santiago del Estero, where it will play this Tuesday a friendly against Curaçao, as part of the continuity of the celebration for obtaining the world cup.

The dinner was organized by Agustín and Ignacio Jiménez, sons of Racing Vice President Miguel Jiménezwho are the owners of the restaurant where this particular meeting took place on Sunday evening at Parque Patricios.

Source: Clarin

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