‘I think I had a mini arrhythmia’: the tense moment ‘Kun’ Agüero went through during a stream with Ibai Llanos

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In full live with Plains of the Ibaione of the most important Spanish-speaking streamers in the world, Sergio “Kun” Aguero was the protagonist of a moment of tension: he put his hand to his heart, remained silent and, after a few seconds of silence, said that he believed he had suffered “a miniarrhythmia“.

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On the night of this Wednesday, the former footballer, forced to retire from professional sports due to a cardiac arrhythmia he suffered in November 2021 when he was playing in Barcelonashared a live in contraction together with the Spanish content creator.

At one point, as the conversation went on as usual, the Kun touched his chest and stopped talking. “What’s wrong?” Ibai asked, not understanding what was happening. Without answering him, Agüero grabbed his cell phone. Is that there is an application that shows in real time the information sent by the chip that is inserted into your body to control heart activity.

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I think I have a mini arrhythmia“, he said. “Just now?”, the Spaniard asked him. Once again, the Kun was silent. Then, he placed two fingers on his neck to measure his pulse. “Do you want us to go to a doctor??” his partner insisted.

At some point, the Kun fell silent.  Then, he put two fingers on his neck to measure his pulse.

At some point, the Kun fell silent. Then, he put two fingers on his neck to measure his pulse.

Luckily, the scare only lasted a few seconds: Aguero recovered and continued with the direct as if nothing had happened.

El Kun met Ibai during a pandemic and their bond has grown ever closer ever since. Without going further, Kun took him by surprise, together with the Argentine streamer Coscu, to the dinner that Lionel Messi organized to greet the Catalan club, after the news that the captain of the Argentine national team would not renew.

In addition, he has strengthened his relationship in recent times by coinciding with the Kings League, the league that Ibai created together with Gerard Piqué and in which Agüero participates with his team, Kunisports.

The Kings League, the tournament that could bring Messi and Agüero together

Football lovers are left with the plug to see Sergio “Kun” Aguero Already Lionel Messi, close friends outside of sports, playing together in a club. And they were close. In May 2021, the striker who made a noticeable mark in his long stay at the Manchester City from England, signed a contract with Barcelona wear the blaugrana shirt and be able to put walls together.

But finally, three months after signing, Messi emigrated to his current club Paris Saint-Germain and ended all chances of that happening. To make matters worse, a few months later, Kun suffered from heart problems and had to give up his professional practice.

Despite all these situations which meant that the two stars could not afford to meet in the same club, in recent days a door has opened which bodes well for sports lovers: the league of kings.

The Kings League “Circus,” the tournament created by retired footballer Gerard Piqué and Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos, is a drinkable venue where both players can return to play on the same team. Agüero, totally involved in the world of video games and streaming, owns the team kunisportsone of the teams participating in the young and attractive tournament.

The “Kun”, president of the club, had expressed the desire for Leo to wear the team’s jersey, even if achieving it presents some setbacks. “obviously not easyIt’s difficult, but it all depends on Leo’s situation at the end of the season. Of course Leo and any they have the doors open play for Kunisports” Agüero said.

If the chimera of bringing Messi to the Kings League were realized, some adjustments would have to be made to the regulation because the current regulation only allows one place for the “player number 12” who is the guest.

“That would be very nice, but you still have to see why 12 can play, so one of them will have to leave. Of course he will play and I will stream…”, commented the former striker who played his last match for Messi in July 2021, while the Copa América was being played in Brazil.

Source: Clarin

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