Who is the world champion who tattooed Lionel Messi’s face and what did La Pulce reply to him?

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Since December 18, 2022, thousands of Argentines have taken turns with tattoo artists to register the conquest of the staggered inside Qatar World Cup. And among them, the majority are those who choose an image of Lionel Messialthough not all are anonymous: Nicola Otamendi He showed off his latest tattoo, with a picture of Leo.

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The defender and icon of Argentina national team He took to his social networks to post a video showing the process of his most recent tattoo, located on the right side of his torso.

Lying on a stretcher and having fun with his tattoo artist, Otamendi revealed only at the end of the one minute and 15 second video that he had decided to immortalize the captain and symbol of Argentina.

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The design chosen is that Messi caressing the World Cup just before lifting it. There is also another small image of the classic celebration of the best player in the world with index fingers pointing towards the sky. And, as if that weren’t enough, the trophy obtained in Qatar, which was added to the 2021 Copa América and the 2022 Final who were already in the role of central defender.

Furthermore, the Benfica player added the date of the World Cup conquest to the drawings and two sentences: “eternal glory” and “how are they going to convince me that magic doesn’t exist”. The last one is a snippet from Wos’ song “Arrancarmelo”, the theme he used to set the music video for the tattoo.

Messi’s response

Messi's message to Otamendi for the tattoo.

Messi’s message to Otamendi for the tattoo.

Otamendi’s decision to tattoo his partner did not go unnoticed by the fans, much less by Messi himself, who thanked him by reposting the video in a story on his Instagram account, followed by 448 million people.

“I’ve seen many spectacular things done to me in the Cup, but for a teammate, a friend like Nicolás Otamendi, getting this tattoo is something more than specialThank you very much, Ota!!!” wrote La Pulga.

Source: Clarin

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