The football goal of Los Pumas 7 in Hong Kong: three touches of foot to cross the whole field up to the Scaloneta

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THE puma 7’s They continue apace on the world circuit. After winning the Vancouver 2023 title a month ago, they say they are once again featured in a new competition. This time, in the 16-team Hong Kong Sevens, where they kicked off in a 17-7 win against Canada.

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Beyond the victory, the highlight of the match was a very particular move: a try sustained by Marcos Moneta, a good football fan, who recalled La Scaloneta.

The match in group A, played in the early hours of Friday in Argentina, corresponded to the eighth round of the world circuit organized by World Rugby. The points for the national team were scored by Moneta, Agustín Fraga and a try and conversion by Luciano González.

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With the skill and speed that characterize it, the radius Moneta proved once again why he stands out as one of the best players in the world: when it came to scoring his try, he also showed his footballing qualities and dominated the oval with his foot, crossing the field with pure speed, as did Argentina in the 2022 Qatar final against France.

The Argentinian players and an emotional victory.  Photo: EFE.

The Argentinian players and an emotional victory. Photo: EFE.

Just 11 seconds were enough to cover the almost 100 meters that the field extends, with just three touches of the foot and the last effort already carrying the oval in one’s arms.

this guy is awesome“”, “Moneta is the son of the wind” and “Flash Moneta” were some of the comments Moneta received on the net.

The Pumas superstar shows off his football skills once again!“He posted on the official Rugby Sevens page, attaching the video where he shows the try that took all the flashes of the match.

For this match, the team led by Gomez Cora was formed as follows: Rodrigo Isgró, Agustín Fraga, Luciano González, Gastón Revol, Santiago Álvarez, Matías Osadczuk and Marcos Moneta.

The Pumas will also play this Saturday morning against Samoa (at 1:16 from Argentina) and Fiji (at 5:37 from Argentina), the two teams that have just made up the group.

As for the world circuit, it is led by New Zealand with 120 points; followed by Argentina, which has won the seven of Hamilton and Vancouver, with 108; France have 95, while Fiji and Australia have 94 respectively. Those who finish in the top four will get their tickets to the 2024 Paris Olympics, with France already qualified.

Source: Clarin

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