Male weightlifter scores like a woman and breaks the record

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A man, a Canadian weightlifting coach, entered a women’s competition and broke the record.

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Avi Silverberg won powerlifting competition as a woman, despite being a biological man. In fact, she competed with muscular men with a thick beard. And she broke the local record, lifting 167.5 pounds.

Silverberg actually tried to protest the competition rules that allow anyone to compete in the women’s division, according to her self-perception.

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The coach broke the local women's bib record.

The coach broke the local women’s bib record.

The athlete performed this feat at the “Heroes Classic 2023” on February 25 in Lethbridge, Alberta. A competition organized by the CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union), which has a rather basic policy regarding self-determination.

This organization stipulates that any person who calls themselves a woman can compete in the women’s division.. Therefore, hormone therapies or any other kind of transition method are not required by this regulation. “Based on the available evidence, the expert working group felt that trans athletes should be able to participate in the gender they identify with, whether or not they have undergone hormone therapy,” the CPU said. .

In addition to the fact that Avi Silverberg has identified as a man for decades, he also came out on stage in a beard and men’s attire, making it all the more obvious that Avi was protesting the rules that allow anyone to compete in the women’s division.

Similarly, one of the most attention-grabbing situations in the competition was the presence of previous bench press record holder, transgender athlete Anne Andres, at the recent CPU competition, meaning she saw Silverberg surpass his record. A record that she established in the 2023 ‘CPU Nationals’, less than two months ago, with a weight of 125 kilograms.

Source: Clarin

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