They arrested the leaders of the official Racing bar and brought forward the time of the match against Huracán for security reasons

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The leaders of the Good racing and more than a dozen of his strike force fell in a police operation that included a chase and a shootout. Regard “The Racing Boys”, who have control of the forum over other factions that have lost power in recent years. Even if those who opened fire fled, 20 people were arrested in the party of Esteban Echeverría.

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The episode changed the security landscape: The match that The Academy scheduled against Huracán on Saturday has been rescheduled at the request of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Aprevide) for fear that other factions attempt to storm the grandstand and there are clashes in this hypothetical attempt.

The match went from 21:30 to 19:30with an operation of 600 police officers that will begin at 16:30 near the President Perón stadium, Maximiliano Kosteki and Darío Santillán station and the descent towards the province of the 9 de Julio Sur highway.

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The other operation, in which the bars were arrested, was far from Avellaneda, not only from the field but from the jurisdiction of the prosecutor’s office specializing in violence in sports and the surrounding area, where there is also at least one precedent for which the leader of “Los Pibes de Racing”, Leandro Paredes, had a request for preventive detention which the House rejected. Your second in command line, Martin Ramirezhe would have another case pending.

Both Paredes and Ramírez, like the rest of the people identified by the Buenos Aires police, have been investigated at the request of Esteban Echeverría’s Fiscal Investigation Unit (UFI) number 4 and, according to the crimes accused and other procedural details, could end up under the ‘court orbit of Avellaneda. In fact, that Party’s judicial department has already been notified of the arrests, so it may request their transfer.

In this sense, the prosecutor who intervened after the Buenos Aires operation, Fernando Semisa responsible for Esteban Echeverría’s UFI 4ordered the release of 15 of the 20 people arrested, as they were not responsible for any crime.

The group that regained their freedom did so at midnight, in the first minutes of Friday. The five who didn’t did it were at the disposal of Justice, for the crime of illegal carrying of weapons of war and adulteration of the series that identifies them.

RACE vs AGUILAS PEREIRA Copa Sudamericana photo MARCELO CARROLL fans swollen racing field soccer racing copa sudamericana 2017 football soccer players racing club rio negro aguilas

RACE vs AGUILAS PEREIRA Copa Sudamericana photo MARCELO CARROLL fans swollen racing field soccer racing copa sudamericana 2017 football soccer players racing club rio negro aguilas

The five people denied having a criminal record. except for the walls, who said he was acquitted in a trial. Perhaps the bar was referring to that relating to the ambush of Colombian fans at the Gerli station of the Roca railways, for which the Public Prosecutor’s Office had requested preventive detention, which was not granted. UFI 4 sources indicated that there are ongoing casesalbeit without judgment.

The deadline for determining the detention of the five bars will expire on Saturday. If released before 19:30, those who do not have attendance restrictions, they will have time to reach the Cylinder to see the match against Huracán.

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It all started on Thursday when a five-car caravan was traveling down Route 16, known in the area as the path of the cans, and the police tried to stop their march. One of the vehicles, a volkswagen black fox, advanced his march and fired at the police vehicle and drove off without being arrested. After a brief firefight, the rest of the cars stopped driving and the occupants were reduced before a major police deployment.

Inside the car that drove the caravan, an Audi A3 with the chassis number removed and without the identification wafersParedes and Ramírez were traveling, along with three other occupants. Inside the vehicle, under the passenger seat, the officers found and seized a Browning brand pistol, 9mm calibre with filed numbering and a full magazine and nine other bullets. None of the occupiers has yet regained their freedom.

The other 15 people were spread out in a Peugeot Partner utility vehicle, a Renault Master van, a Peugeot 208 and a Fiat Cronos. According to the police report, all had distinctive racing gear.

The Academy plays against Huracán in the Cilindro two hours before the initial schedule at the request of Buenos Aires Security. It will be at 19:30 and with 600 police officers.

Source: Clarin

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