‘Donald Trump could run despite being indicted’

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Can Donald Trump still run for president? French radio broadcaster RFI interviewed Julien Tourreilleresearcher of the Raoul-Dandurand chair of the University of Quebec in Montreal, with this concern following the decision of the New York Attorney’s Office to indict the former president for an alleged illegal payment for buy the silence of a porn actress in 2016.

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For this specialist there is nothing in the Constitution which prevents Trump from running in the next election after this court decision.

Although Trump became the first former US president to answer before that country’s criminal courts, his indictment does not dash away his White House aspirations, Julien Toureille told RFI.

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NYPD officers in Manhattan Criminal Court.  Photo: Bloomberg

NYPD officers in Manhattan Criminal Court. Photo: Bloomberg

“There is nothing in the law or the US constitution that prevents them from doing so. An accused person, even a defendant, can run for office.” This specialist values ​​it This is one of the gaps in the US constitution.

More points to DeSantis

On the contrary, this decisionand allowed Trump to score runs regarding his presumptive Republican opponent Ron DeSantis.

“There is no doubt that this decision it will be a stimulus for their base,” says Tourreille.

At the moment, however, the Republican Party as a whole has come out to support him. Trump, meanwhile, calls himself the victim of a witch hunt.

As of this Friday, the formal indictment likely to be released on Tuesday when Trump appears in court in Manhattan was not yet available.

It is not known exactly what crimes Trump will be accused of. However, the CNN chain spoke this Friday of more than 30 charges against him for “commercial fraud”.

“Trump is guilty,” it says on a protester

“Trump is guilty,” it says on a protester’s shirt. Photo: AP

Tourreille explains that what is blamed on Trump, according to what is known so far, is have forged commercial documentssince he made the repayment to his lawyer, who had paid the sum to the porn actress Stormy Daniels, falsifying the accounts of one of his companies.

That fake, according to the Manhattan prosecutors, would have generated a violation of campaign finance laws. Therefore, they would be two crimes.

Both Trump’s lawyers and his entourage have announced they will respond favorably to the Manhattan court subpoena.

Therefore, a refusal by the former president is not foreseeable, nor is there a legal conflict between the jurisdiction of Manhattan and that of Florida, where Trump currently resides.

Tourreille also points out that Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and likely rival of Trump in the primaries of the Republican Party for the 2024 elections, has announced that he will not cooperate with the Manhattan authorities and that he will definitively refuse to bring the former president to justice NY.

A lengthy legal battle can therefore be expected which, of course, will mean that the matter will not be resolved before the 2024 presidential elections, concludes Tourreille.


Source: Clarin

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