Home Sports Racing beats Huracán with two great goals and doesn’t lose track of River

Racing beats Huracán with two great goals and doesn’t lose track of River

Racing beats Huracán with two great goals and doesn’t lose track of River

El Cilindro greets its fans with the repertoire of a bowling alley. Some dance, others quickly get lost in the mouths of the stands. There is music outside the playing field, but there was very little inside. He reached Racing with the goal tune early in the second half with a full orchestra. With the left foot always in tune by Matías Rojas and a symphonic cue by Gabriel Hauche. The changes made by Fernando Gago, who believed that the Huracán didn’t have much more to blow, gave birth to a rival that seemed dull. The discounted one with a header and in the end almost equalized with another. But the victory, the third in a row, is for the Biancoceleste. And the Academydespite irregularities and a throbbing debut on Wednesday in the Copa Libertadores, fight behind River.

Of course, it’s impossible to ignore a play that could change the development of the game, the goal that Mauro Vigliano at VAR and Darío Herrera on the pitch canceled out to Huracán. There was a handball by Gabriel Gudiño in the middle of the pitch, but Aníbal Moreno recovered the ball and only then did the play begin which ended with Nicolás Cordero being called. It was after a pass from Federico Fattori and a magnificent individual maneuver from the little boy Juan Gauto that brought to mind Jerome Boateng’s famous fall against Lionel Messi; Leonardo Sigali collapsed before breaking the life of the child born in Perito Moreno. The referee stood in front of the monitor for four minutes until rectified.

Until then Racing had dominated with good circulation, with passing at the feet of his teammate, but no depth and an alarmingly low weight in the box from Lucas Chaves. It is true that Huracán retired aboard a 4-4-2 with which he filled the spaces. However, it lacked imbalance at the Academy. The best, as usual, was the contribution of Rojas, shot on the right, in diagonal penetration. In the end, the clearest situation was a left mid-range from the “10” in the epilogue of the opening phase. He covered Chaves with difficulty.

Juan Nardoni was released, closer to the Paraguayan and Jonathan Gómez, because the goal of Gago’s idea was to collect flyers to generate a good volume of play. But the full-backs didn’t weigh in in attack, Gabriel Hauche didn’t break through and Maxi Romero was forced to leave the area. The context facilitated the task of the central hosts and, in particular, Gastón Sauro stood out.

Huracán suffered pressure from the start but was always focused on playing long for Cordero. He managed it a couple of times as Racing took over (69% in the first half), even if on those few occasions he put Emiliano Insúa in trouble. Outside, when Guillermo Soto took off, Oscar Opazo showed fragility.

finished better the Balloon those first forty-five minutes. With some blocked balls that disturbed Gabriel Arias. But Racing shook fast. Sixty seconds hadn’t gone by when Rojas, after receiving a pass from Aníbal Moreno, he nailed a left footed shot that surprised Chaves.

And when Hurricane still couldn’t fight back, he found second. It was from a corner kick by Rojas that Insúa fell at the far post and Hauche has transformed a luxury into an asset. He covered the ball with his back against Soto and when he reduced Chaves he hit the scorer.

The one shown by Racing was more a rapture of strength than of lucidity. And rushed by the rotation that involves playing against Ñublense in Chile, the coach started to move the bench. Rojas came out, the best, and Nicolás Reniero entered, a “9”. After a while Paolo Guerrero, Maxi Moralez and the boy Avilés entered. There have been too many variations and the team has lost its balance.

Then, the hurricane grew. With Fattori who fits well in the center and with the speed of Gauto. The discount came from a children’s center. Cordero ate Avilés’ back and overcame Arias’ resistance.

Diego Dabove also introduced changes. He ended up playing with three strikers. He was exposed behind, it’s true. And Racing didn’t close earlier because Chaves was as solid as ever and blocked a shot from Reniero and another from Nicolás Oroz.

Although the last play was by Balloon. Guillermo Benítez’s cross sent Santiago Luján’s header just wide. Racing suffered to win. You will have to evaluate these points much more.

Source: Clarin


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