Demichelis and the strong youth commitment in River’s list for the Copa Libertadores

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River He already has everything ready for a new debut in Libertadores Cup. it will be sooner The strongest, in La Paz, where he will arrive this Tuesday after spending Monday night in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with the aim of spending as few hours as possible at 3,600 meters above sea level. and will be with a large squad with varied resources, in whose list of good faith there are many young people.

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The idea of Martin Demichelis it is to deepen the integral project of the Inferiors that has begun Marcellus Gallardo. Since his arrival, Micho He pays a lot of attention to young players and the fact that he has included 10 lower-category players to reach 40 players on the Cup roster (Conmebol has admitted up to 50) proves it. because the boys like it Franco Alfonso who recently joined the Primera squad, playing their first friendly just over a week ago, and others who have not even played a game with the main team.

Unlike what Gallardo had scored at the time, when Conmebol had extended the odds, Demichelis decided to use more places to expand the list. “I will not create a false illusion for the players who are youthful and who are joining the Reserve, they still have a fairly important path and today they are not ready to enter a roster of such a prestigious competition as the Libertadores”had explained the Doll in 2020, following the resumption of the Cup that year following quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Marcelo Gallardo, at the time as manager of River Plate.  Photo: EFE

Marcelo Gallardo, at the time as manager of River Plate. Photo: EFE

Clear, the context was different. “I work with a professional group of no more than 30 players. And the possibilities that Conmebol gave us to add another ten places seemed absurd to me. First, because I don’t have more than 30 players who work with me; second, because the young who entered they started training a week ago and I didn’t want to give them any false illusions because they haven’t yet made a roster for such an important and prestigious competition and thirdly, because I won’t put them in. And if at some point there is an episode that indicates that we are exposed to massive contagion, it will be because we don’t have to play”, the former River coach abounded. And this happened to him but locally when there was a massive contagion on the eve of the duel against Boca for the 2021 League Cup quarter-finals.

In any case, Gallardo’s idea has always been to list those young players who already had the right shot to not only train and play with the First Division, but also face Copa Libertadores matches. as he did with Giuliano Alvarez, Enzo Fernández, Gonzalo Montiel, Exequiel Palacios and other rough diamonds which he polished little by little.

Demichelis, on the other hand, has already given that pleasure to the newly appeared boys. But not only to generate enthusiasm and greater commitment, but also because he believes he is able to integrate the paycheck.

River Plate coach Martín Demichelis.  Photo: EFE

River Plate coach Martín Demichelis. Photo: EFE

The boys that Demichelis has included in the Copa Libertadores list

One of the youngsters is Franco Alfonso, who has been a member of the Primera squad since the last preseason. He is an attacking midfielder, category 2002. The only one of the candidates who has already accumulated experience with the senior national team. He stands out for his speed in the vertical sprint and his ease in one-on-one. He made his debut on January 28 and has already played five official matches. River protected him until 2025 with a €25m release clause.

Another is Matias Gallardo, one of the Doll’s children. He is an offensive midfielder, born in 2003. And of Marcelo’s heirs, he is the closest to his father: he plays in the same position – hook – but with the particularity of being left-handed. He was promoted to reserve in 2022. He is smart with the ball and has a lot of sacrifice. He usually tramples the area as well. He made his informal debut with Demichelis: he sent him on the field against the U of Chile to play 27 minutes.

Matías Gallardo, son of "Muñeco", made his debut in the Primera de River, in the

Matías Gallardo, son of “Muñeco”, made his Primera de River debut, in the friendly against Universidad de Chile in Salta.

This Ulises GimenezDefender, category 2006. Member of Diego Placente’s Sub-17 team. He was champion with the seventh, he quickly made the leap to Reserve – where he was consecrated captain – and is one of the bets of the technical staff. He can play as a full back or as a central scorer, where he now stands out. He is strong in one-on-one play, has good technique, time management and an interesting passing game.

Another player that generates expectations is Esteban Fernández, attacking midfielder, category 2002. He started as a coach even if he also tends to move as an insider. He has been at the club since 2010, when he joined the Infantiles. He already had experience in AFA Youth, where he was coached by Pablo Aimar in the Under 15. He Stands out for his punch from the middle distance, which he perfected by working after training. Demichelis took him to Salta, where he entered 25 minutes against the U of him in his informal presentation.

Sebastian Sanchez He’s a central midfielder, category 2002. He’s a pivot with a good and intense game when it comes to scratching and removing, he’s the starter in Reserve. Demichelis called him up for the friendly match against U of Chile and among the youth teams led by the coach he was the one who played the most (45 minutes).

Daniele Zabala He is a central scorer, category 2003. He was promoted to Reserve after his good level in Quinta and came to train completing work with Primera in the Gallardo cycle. Demichelis took him to Salta to play against the U of Chile: he played 15 minutes against the Trans-Andean team. He was born to William Morris and in 2016 he remained after taking a test at Hurlingham: he was the only one to be excluded from the 100 tested. He’s technical, he likes to go out playing and break ranks by going on the attack, even if this doesn’t take away from the solidity of the brand.

Joachim Flores He is a forward, born in 2005. He is from Tucumán and plays as a winger although he can also play as a forward. Demichelis took him to Salta and put him ten minutes against the U of Chile. He went up to the reserve in 2022, where he currently stands out. He’s been in River since he was nine years old.

Luke Lavagnino He is the goalkeeper of the River Reserve. He is category 2004, measures 1.90 meters. He joined the Primera squad to travel to the preseason in San Luis and later to the United States. As a boy he played at 9 and was a goalscorer at Club Leloir de San Miguel. He arrived at River after not having opportunities in the Argentine lower leagues. He has signed a contract until 2025.

Santiago Beltran He is a goalkeeper, category 2004. He measures 1.89 metres. He played in amateur leagues with Pueyrredón Club until the age of 17 (up to the age of 12, as a striker; later he was in goal). He was tested in River at the age of fifth and dropped out. He has no blood ties to Lucas Beltrán.

After training for the national team, Diablito Echeverri uploaded a photo with his idol, Lionel Messi, to Instagram.

After training for the national team, Diablito Echeverri uploaded a photo with his idol, Lionel Messi, to Instagram.

And the icing on the cake of the list is the look of Claudio Echeverri. He is an attacking midfielder, born in 2006. He measures 170cm. They nickname him “El Diablito” and he is one of the great promises of the youth sector of the River. The player of the future. He is the Sub-17 figure, where he wears jersey 10 and is playing the South American of that category in Ecuador. This year he was promoted to Riserva directly from Settimo. From a very young age he was followed by European clubs. In the Coppa Venezia, at the age of just 11, he scored four goals against Juventus. He comes from Chaco, has his family in Resistencia e in January he was armored with a clause of 25 million euros.

Source: Clarin

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