A “miracle” food for weight loss, famous on social media, alarms doctors

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Many people try to recover Healthy habits doing exercises and leading an active life and a healthy diet. So-called “superfoods” are a good alternative to achieve these noble goals.

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One of those superfoods is “sea moss” or “Irish moss”scientifically Chrondrus crispusa species of edible seaweed found on the European and North American Atlantic coast, as well as in the warm waters off Asia, South America and Africa.

The popularity of this unique seaweed has come to light in the midst of a pandemic because the stardom Kim Kardashian She revealed in one of her social networks that she incorporates that sea moss into her smoothies.

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The "sea moss" or "Irish moss", scientifically Chrondrus crispus, a species of edible seaweed.  L

The “sea moss” or “Irish moss”, scientifically Chrondrus crispus, a species of edible seaweed. Influencer Kim Kardashian made it popular on his social networks a few years ago.

In particular, he talked about Irish moss, a jelly-like red seaweed you can find attached to underwater rocks from the Atlantic coasts. To consume it, he advised drying the seaweed and then reducing it to powder. According to the influencer, it has great power to soften whatever it comes into contact with, which makes it perfect for food use.

Its use is common in confectionery or in savory recipes such as creams, salads, soups or broths with which to regain strength. It is used to combat malnutrition and also to avoid infections, colds or flu.

Once rehydrated, seaweed is very versatile and its high content of different nutrients makes it ideal for relieve gastric discomfort or intestinal.

"Sea moss" or "Irish moss" is edible, but many specialists suggest that they have reservations about its consumption.

“Sea moss” or “Irish moss” is edible, but many specialists suggest that they have reservations about its consumption.

And it can’t just be used in the kitchen, since different brands of cosmetics they are also incorporating it into their formulations due to the benefits it represents in skin care.

But in recent years Irish moss has become famous through social media, even after the supermodel Kate Moss will launch her own product line.

And behind that boom, what really made sea moss a popular food is that it boosts the metabolism and helps to lose weight almost “miraculously”, as some marketers claim in their advertisements.

"Sea moss" or "Irish moss" is sold in powder, pills, or edible gummies.

“Sea moss” or “Irish moss” is sold in powder, pills, or edible gummies.

it is marketed raw or powdered and pills. Also in gels and gummies chewable. Brands ensure that it is proven to contain certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Its content in folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin B, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc and calcium stands out above all.

However, despite all this, there are already several nutritionists who warn this there are scientific shortcomings when you certify your benefits.

In 2021 it was rumored that the United States Food and Drug Administration intended to ban sea moss as no scientifically proven benefits were being reported.

In fact, this North American government agency has gone so far as to issue warnings to manufacturers of sea moss products.

In short, there is no data or clinical study or evidence that sea moss can prevent or cure any disease. For this reason, nutritionists recommend opt for sushi or leafy greens which contain the properties that are given to this alga.

Finally, they suggest that if it is ingested, it should be in moderation, as its inappropriate consumption could cause harmful effects on health.

Source: Clarin

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