Matías Rojas’ spectacular goal for Racing for the Copa Libertadores: why isn’t it a record?

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Matías Rojas is having a very good level. He knows it, the fans confirm it and the managers recognize it, who are negotiating with the Paraguayan footballer to extend his contract. While this happens, scores. Great goals, like the one he converted this Wednesday to open the scoring against nublense for the Copa Libertadores, in Chile.

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The midfielder took the ball to start a counterattack, but saw the Uruguayan goalkeeper advance Nicholas Perez and decided to pull off the left footed whiplash from over 65 meters, which he nailed with enviable accuracy on the opponent.

Rojas had just made it last weekend in the Professional League in a win against Huracán, also from mid-range. But what he did tonight in Concepción was completely unscripted and fueled the fans’ demand for the renewal of his contract, which expires next June.

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Shortly before the match, the manager of Racing, Reuben CapriaHe admitted that the club intends to renovate to keep it on campus, at least another year. “The idea is that Matías Rojas continues in Racing, he is of a high level and that’s why we are always attentive. Matías is at an optimal level and we will make the necessary effort. We appreciate all our players,” said the former footballer in the game preview for the ESPN screen.

Rojas is the Academy’s top scorer in the Professional League, with five goals, and is decisive in the current season and in second place in 2022, in the tournament that Boca won in the last round. With that of this Wednesday, sum six goals in 10 matches who played in the year with the Avellaneda club.

“The other time counted because a year ago they made fun of us because Matías Rojas didn’t leave Racing and now they made fun of us to let him stay. That’s why diagnoses can never be definitive on players because contexts can change and hold them accountable.”Capria noticed.

Why isn’t it a record?

There is Two more precedents that immediately come to mind so that Matías Rojas’ great goal is not a historic record. In 1998, the Paraguayan too celsus ayala With the River shirt against the Colón in Santa Fe, he converted from 71 meters, from a free kick and with the complicity of the Sabalero goalkeeper.

Also, on 19 July 1987, Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela beat Independiente 3-2 with a goal from goal by Daniele Francovig.

Source: Clarin

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