The Keys of Patagonia Run, the race where the elite and enthusiasts have fun in the mountains

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San Martin of the Andes it’s a party, because the usual boom tourist who lives every year in Holy Week will continue immediately with the arrival of 6,000 runners to the 13th edition of Running in Patagoniaan appointment that brings together some of the best international and national athletes of the track racing and which will have its main course with the 100 miles. Yes, 160 kilometers through routes in unique landscapes.

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The outdoor athletics festival will return to the city of Neuquén, which expects 20,000 visitors for the mega-event which will take place between Wednesday 12 April and Saturday 15 April. America’s premier trail running competition also offers the allure of competing for world championship points Path of the Spartans and a purse of $30,000.

The race takes runners on an epic journey through the mountains, with seven different distances to suit each participant’s training and goal, from beginners and short-medium runners to experienced ultramarathoners.

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Runners make their way through trails and mountain roads, experiencing a true adventure in the heart of the extraordinary natural environment of Patagonia.

But Patagonia Run Mountain Hardware is not only about the competition, but also about the care and attention that is paid throughout the race, making sure by the organization that every runner has everything they need to reach the finish line.

More than 20 filling stations are distributed along the perfectly signposted routes, providing runners with the best hydration, nutrition and safety.

The elite, in Patagonia

The Stakes helped Pau Capell in the Patagonia Run every time he won the race.  Photo:

The Stakes helped Pau Capell in the Patagonia Run every time he won the race. Photo:

As described by Sergio Ochoa, one of the directors of TMX, and Gabriela Azcárate, director of NQN Eventos, organizers of the sporting event, “The Patagonia Run has become one of the most important trail and ultra-trail races in the world and which It can be seen in the 6,000+ entrants from more than 35 countries, including athletes of the stature of Pau Capell, Dmitry Mityaev, Antonio Martinez, Nuria Gil, Ekaterina Mityaeva AND Marten Bostromthat will come for the high level of competition but also for what it means to race in the lands of Patagonia”.

Meanwhile, Mariano Alvarez, general manager of the Spartan Trail World Championship, says, “Patagonia Run MHW is a race like no other, drawing elite runners from around the world who come to experience the ultimate in natural beauty, challenging and of the competition. It is one of the main stops on the Spartan Trail World Championship circuit. The race offers an opportunity to experience the majestic beauty of Patagonia, plus the thrill of testing your limits in an unbeatable environment.”

the program

About 6,000 runners will enjoy the view of San Martín de los Andes in the Patagonia Run

About 6,000 runners will enjoy the view of San Martín de los Andes in the Patagonia Run

The first races will start on Wednesday April 12 from the base of the Chapelco Ski Resort. The PR Vertical will start at 9, the 21K at 10.45 and the 10K at 12. Thursday 13 will be the turn of the 42 kilometres, which will debut with a new circuit: the route no longer goes to the summit of Cerro Colorado but also starts from the base of Chapelco with greater technical difficulty.

On Friday 14, from the Plaza San Martín, at 11 am, the awaited 100-mile race will take place, with thousands of people in the streets cheering on the ultramarathon runners of a growing distance of participants, after verifying the requirements met to meet this requirement .

Meanwhile, at 20:00 the 110 kilometers will start from the Plaza de Armas of the 4th Mountain Cavalry Regiment, the same place from where the 70 kilometers will start at 5 on Sunday 15th.

Source: Clarin

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