The brutal knockout suffered by Argentinian Ponzinibbio at UFC 287, under the eyes of Kun Agüero and Donald Trump

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it could not be for Santiago Ponzinibbio. The Argentine (30-7) fell by a third-round KO against Kevin Holland (24-9) in the early hours of this Sunday, at UFC 287 which took place in Miami, USA. Although the native of La Plata always went in search of victory, He suffered physical differences against the American, who took advantage of his advantages.

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It’s that Ponzinibbio put pressure, walked in front but was unable to save the difference in tonnage with Holland, who knew how to keep their distance and keep the fight under control. The man from La Plata, forced to go into the fight after his rival finally goaded him, only managed to land a few blows to his rival’s face.

And Holland, already in the first round, he had managed to knock down Ponzinibbio with a blow to the chin, which was saved by the siren. However, he didn’t have as much luck in the third round. A left-handed hook by the American drained the Argentine when he wanted to go for the finish line, knowing he was down on the cards.

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Ponzinibbio fell automatically and, there, Holland did everything to finish him off. He landed another right hand on the ground and the referee quickly stepped in to end the fight. The American celebrated and the player from La Plata had to be defeated.

Holland eliminated Ponzinibbio.  (AFP)

Holland eliminated Ponzinibbio. (AFP)

“We’re already home. The beauty of being at home. Thanks to everyone for the support before and after. Obviously I couldn’t give them the victory, the result I wanted. I knew Holland was difficult, I knew he had a tough range to play. The fight strategy was playing out, I was starting to find her, I was hurting him with low kicks but hey, grabbed me with that blow”, Ponzinibbio expressed himself after the quarrel, through his Instagram stories.

“I didn’t get eliminated. In my head I thought I could continue so I’ll have to analyze that, but hey. The fight is over and I am left with that bitter feeling. We will carry on as always and as I have done all my life. Thank you all for the love, for the resistance, you know you make a difference and it’s thanks to you that I’m up there. We will come back stronger than ever and continue to place and showcase Argentinian eggs. Thank you all,” concluded the player from La Plata.

Kun Agüero’s visit before the fight

Before the fight, Ponzinibbio was visited by Kun Agüero, who went to watch the fight and gave him his support while the man from La Plata waited his turn to enter the octagon. “This is my first time here”, The ex-footballer told him, to which the fighter replied: “It’s okay. It’s fun. It is today’s Roman Colosseum.”

As a sign of gratitude for the visit, Ponzinibbio gave Kun a shirt of his team with the player’s name printed on the back. I am now a coach said the ex-footballer between laughter.

Source: Clarin

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