Madeleine McCann: What Maddie’s parents said after discovering Julia Wendell’s DNA

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Eventually we learned what the DNA test of Julia Wendell, who claimed to be Madeleine McCann, said. And after knowing the negative result of the analysis, the parents of the girl who disappeared in 2007 in Praia de Luz, Portugal, they broke the silence.

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THE 21 year old Polish girl surprised the world just over a month ago by announcing on his social networks that he had trial that was the little one Maddy.

Julia Wendell transcended into the media claiming to be Madeleine McCann.  Photo: social networks

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Julia Wendell transcended into the media claiming to be Madeleine McCann. Photo: social networks

Although both the Police of his country and his own family have categorically excluded this possibility from the beginning, assuring that it was all a lie and that the only thing Julia wanted was to become famousJulia managed to get a file DNA to find his true identity.

In this context, and despite being insistently sought after by the international press, Kate and Gerry McCann They never spoke on the case.

Madeleine McCann: What Maddie’s parents said about the young woman who claimed to be their daughter

At first, the Madeleine McCann’s parents opted not to comment on the case.

Now that the truth is out, he said The mirrorKate and Gerry McCann posted a declaration answering a follower’s question about their account Facebook “Find Maddy”.

Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine's parents, released a brief statement.  Photo: file

Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents, released a brief statement. Photo: file

“Is there any chance you can give us an update? Has there been a lot of media about a girl claiming to be Maddie having her DNA done? Is it possible her followers know what’s going on?” [… ]? Our thoughts and prayers are always with the McCann family and the safe return of their precious daughter,” one follower wrote.

Against this, Kate and Gerry’s legal representatives issued a statement which said: “At the moment there is nothing to report. If there is, and when there is, it will come from the Metropolitan Police.”

Who is Julia Wendell: The DNA result

apart from this julia wellell he assured that he did trial who confirmed that it was Madeleine McCann -a mole on her leg, a spot in her eye, gestures similar to those of her parents and the widespread memory of her childhood in which she says she was abused-, the result of the DNA test that was carried out was negative.

The analysis that has been carried out confirms that she is not the missing girl, but rather shows that it is her Poland and that it has something Lithuanian and Romanian heritage.

“She is one hundred percent Polish, with a small percentage Lithuanian and Russian,” explained Fia Johansson, the medium and researcher accompanying Julia, in a statement.

Upon learning of the DNA result, Julia Wendell moved back in with her father.  Photo: social networks

Upon learning of the DNA result, Julia Wendell moved back in with her father. Photo: social networks

And he detailed, “Julia had all the cravings like Madeleine McCann, which I think is how God and the universe wants us to approach the man who sexually abused herexpose him and his possible links to the McCann case”.

For their part, those who presented themselves as the young girl’s real parents provided all the necessary evidence dismantle the “romance” that his daughter tried to impose.

Therefore, they ensured that she actually suffers from medical and emotional issues and just wants to be known.

“For us as a family it goes without saying that Julia is our daughter, niece, sister, cousin and niece. Have memories, Have photos. Julia has these photos too, because she took them from the family home with the birth certificateas well as numerous hospital discharges”,

On the current situation of the young woman, Johansson indicated that: “After the revelation [del resultado de la prueba de ADN], he decided to go back to his father. Personally, I wish him the best.” Also, she urged people to do it don’t judge her.

Source: Clarin

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