Santiago Maratea has proposed a collection to Independiente supporters: he aspires to raise 20 million dollars

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The influencer Santiago Maratea He proposed to his followers a new collection. This time, to help get Independiente out of its terrible financial crisis and, consequently, sporty.

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Through his Twitter account, he said that on Sunday, after the defeat of Pedro Damián Monzón’s team against Estudiantes de La Plata in Avellaneda, received messages from fans asking for help.

“Since Sunday I have only received messages from Independiente fans,” he said.

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“So I ask a question, just for the people of Red: are you here to organize, gather fans and try to help one of the most important clubs in America right now?” he continued.

In just 45 minutes, Maratea’s initiative, which has just under half a million followers but huge evidence of great appeal when it comes to this type of initiative, had almost 200 retweets and as many affirmative responses and thanks too.

The publication was accompanied by a photo of the completely empty Libertadores de América Ricardo Enrique Bochini stadium, as if to reflect what Red is like in these hours, after the resignation of its president, Fabián Doman.

Then, the influencer made public the calculation of the figure to be reached to give oxygen to the King of Cups.

“Independiente has 6 million fans and something like 115,000 members (who pay 4,000 pesos a month). If only 2 million fans post the same thing once a member posts every month (4,000 pesos), you get to collect 20 million dollars and pay off all the Kiss debt,” he wrote.

Then, to give certainty of transparency to the initiative, the influencer remarked: “Obviously if I make this collection I would do it like I do the rest, that is, making sure I have 100% money management and therefore guarantee that no one can steal a peso“.

The seven-time champion of America presents a worrying diagnosis between the financial and sporting crisis and the influence of the barra brava, which led to the farewell of the television host after less than a semester.

One of the last knockout blows that the club has suffered in this scenario was the sentence of Justice in favor of the footballer Gonzalo Verón, to whom the Reds will have to pay almost five million dollars.

Gonzao Verón in Independent.  He only played 18 games.

Gonzao Verón in Independent. He only played 18 games.

This was established in March 2023 by the Supreme Court. This is a figure very close to the initial claim of the striker who arrived in January 2018 from Red Bull New York under the leadership of Hugo Moyano, given that he had requested a total of $6,149,689.63 (including interest) for non-payment -between salary and compensation for his free exit from the organization that plays in the MLS-.

Independiente, at the center of the standings in the middle school to keep or lose the category, is not as tight as in the annual, which this season determines who will be third in the First National team. He has scored 9 points in ten games, two more than his last, Unión, who until now would have accompanied Sarmiento and Arsenal.

While waiting for this Wednesday’s match against Rosario Central as guests, the team is still under the orders of the Italia ’90 runner-up world champion and awaits Pablo Repetto as the new coach.

Source: Clarin

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