Enzo Fernández, before the duel with Real Madrid: admiration for Modric and Kroos, and that phrase from “Ferrari”

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The duel between Chelsea and Real Madrid for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League is one of the most awaited by football fans. In the precedent of this duel, Enzo Fernández spoke at a press conference, looked at the duel against the Spaniards and referred to the famous phrase (that of the Ferraris) From Jorge D’Alessandroformer Argentinian goalkeeper and commentator on El Chiringuito, a successful Spanish TV show.

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Fear no, but respect yes. We know Real Madrid’s attacking hierarchy, but we will try to subtract it with our defenders and play the game in the best way to define it in Stamford Bridge“explained the former River player on how they will try to approach the match against Real Madrid.

Of course, the team from the Spanish capital, as well as being the competition’s greatest historic winners, are a formidable rival and the strength and personality they display in each knockout group is known. To make matters worse, Chelsea aren’t having their best year, having already had three managers so far this season and are far from the top and cup qualifying places in the Premier League.

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Enzo Fernández's Chelsea will face Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Enzo Fernández’s Chelsea will face Real Madrid in the Champions League.

“Real Madrid is a historic club with high-ranking players. We are confident in our work for tomorrow and that we will play a great match. Modric and Kroos They are players of great hierarchy and a great inspiration for all the boys,” Enzo specified.

But the irregular moment is not an impediment to getting excited. Frank Lampardteam manager and champion of the Champions League in 2012, reminded his boys that more than 10 years ago the club was not at its best, but nevertheless managed to conquer Europe: “Frank spoke to the group and said that we should always keep our heads up because Chelsea are a very big historic club and we were going to carry that forward. And that when they won in 2012 they were in a bad moment in football and they are an example for us.”.

Frank Lampard has left important advice to his managers.  (Reuters/Andrew Couldridge)

Frank Lampard has left important advice to his managers. (Reuters/Andrew Couldridge)

Showing character and driving a chicane, the world champion in Qatar 2022 knows what it’s like to play in a stadium with as much history as the Santiago Bernabéu, but explained that it brings back fond memories for the Copa Libertadores final which River beat Boca, there by December 2018. “We know the history of the Bernabéu and I’m happy to play here. It brings back good memories”She said.

Thanks to Jorge D’Alessandro for his compliments

Jorge D’Alessandro, a member of the famous Spanish program “El Chiringuito”, was one of the people who most praised Enzo Fernández and his midfield mates in Qatar 2022. The Argentine compared the players with ferrari for his performance on the field of play and explained it “The three Argentina midfielders fly”.

When asked by a colleague of D’Alessandro about the compliment he had given him, Enzo Fernández showed all his gratitude: “Thanks to Jorge. Every time he talks about me he works wonders, so I would like to publicly thank him for all the messages he has dedicated to me.

Then, he said he hasn’t reached his best level yet and explained why, but he was confident he could improve his performance in a short time. “I still don’t feel like I’ve reached my maximum level at Chelsea. I haven’t been there for a long time, it’s another league, another city, another life and I’m trying to fit in the best way with my family.”

Source: Clarin

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