IndyCar: after the threats to Canapino’s partner, does the Argentine Grand Prix crash?

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Death threats and insults received from the British Callum Ilott on his social networks by Argentine fans, who accused him of having done harm Agostino Canapinohis partner in Hollinger Racing rushesin the run of Indycar which took place on Sunday in Long Beach, continue to generate repercussions. The category has released a statement that repudiates the attitude of the followers of the Titan and has generated concern in the Argentine motorsport environment.

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“In the past 24 hours, some of our pilot projects have been subjected to disrespectful and inappropriate online abuse. There is no place for this behavior in our sport. While fierce competition and rivalry will always be a mainstay of IndyCar racing, it’s important to display and celebrate these attributes with the utmost respect and concern for the welfare of our competitors. IndyCar is a community that should always strive to grow with mutual support and appreciation,” reads a short text posted by the category on its social networks.

That message brought to mind a reflection of Ricardo Juncosmanager of the team in which he runs Titanthat Sunday, in conversation with the site carburetionhe had assured: “This (threats and insults) doesn’t help anyone… Neither Callum Ilott nor the category liked it… Now everything is in doubt. They don’t know if it’s us promoting him as a team or if it’s Agustín himself…”.

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“The passion that the Argentines have can play for or against us”he had commented. “If the damage we generate or the repercussions of the damage reaches the spheres of IndyCar and the race in Argentina falls and well… Now we’ll see…”.

What was the Argentine engineer referring to? To the project for IndyCar to land next year in our country.

Canapino’s arrival in that competition this season had opened the door to that possibility. At the end of March, a delegation from the category visited the facilities of Termas de Río Hondo International Circuit to see if it would be able to host a Grand Prix in the near future (perhaps even in 2024). And according to specialized media, the group returned to the United States very satisfied. But the attitude of the fans in the networks could, according to some versions, ruin the plans.

Canapino -which is competing in its first season in the premier single-seater competition in the United States- and Juncos Racing backed up the Indycar message on Tuesday.

“I want to take this opportunity to send a clear message about something which, unfortunately, is not new and is happening more and more on social networks”, began the Argentinean driver.

“Beyond passions, anger, rivalries, etc., nothing can lead us to transmit hatred and disrespect towards another person. Not only during a competition, but also in life in general,” he continued. And she closed by asking her to enjoy “the ones we like passionately,” but also with respect.

After what happened in Long Beach, our riders and team have had to deal with an exponential amount of disrespectful name-calling. on social networks. This is more than inappropriate and as a team we are very disappointed with the behavior of those involved. There is no place for this in our team and in our sport, ”said Juncos Racing, in a tweet that he led with the phrase “We are in this together”.

The situation that sparked the wave of name-calling and ill-tempered Ilott occurred after a raise in the Long Beach race. When 20 laps were completed, a crash between O’Ward duck AND Scott Dixon, caused the race to be disqualified. The vast majority of cars entered the pits; but Canapino remained on track and when the competition restarted four laps later, he was ahead of the pack and led the race for a lap and a half, between 24 and 25.

But just when it looked like he was going to settle down in the first place, he met Ilott, who swung around among the latecomers and ended up unintentionally annoying him. Seeing that the four-time champion of the Road tourism it was complicated, the Brazilian Elio Castroneves, who was behind the Argentine, tried to overtake him, grazed him and caused the car to crash into the wall on the cliff. Canapino blew his front left tire, lost first place and then finished 25th in the race.

Many Argentine fans blamed Ilott and British social media accounts began to fill with insults.. The British took it with humor –“I really appreciate the effort in helping me learn all these new Spanish words”commented-, but also asked for restraint and respect for the fans.

Canapino defended his teammate in a video he posted on Instagram after the race, in which he assured Ilott did nothing wrong and his fans should be grateful to him for anything that helps him.

He Titan He had commented a few weeks ago in a chat with Carburando that it would have been a dream to be able to race with IndyCar in Argentina. It will now be necessary to see if what happened after the Long Beach race destroys the chances of this happening, which would be a serious blow for Argentine motorsport and for the reef itself.

Source: Clarin

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