Paulo Dybala came to the rescue of Roma and took them to the semi-finals of the Europa League

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Paul Dybala rose to Rome with a vital goal in the closing stages that extended the game until extra time, in which he led his team to victory against Feyenoord (4-1, 4-2 overall) and to the semi-final of the european championshipin which Exequiel Palacios’ Bayer Leverkusen will be measured.

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The Cordovan was once again the fundamental piece of the team Jose Mourinho. There’s not much more mystery to Thursday’s European night in the Italian capital. Roma seemed dead, evicted with a goal from Paixao, but revived by the hand of a Dybala who, at half speed, still affected by the injury suffered in the first leg, once again led those led by the Portuguese to success.

suffered it all yellow Red without his star in the first half. Motivated, intense start, accompanied by a full Olimpico, including the visiting team due to the interdiction of Dutch fans, intimidated in the first moments, but lacking in lucidity in the last meters. What Dybala always puts on.

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And is that very aware of the important loss of its rival, Feyenoord in defense was a lock. He united the defensive line and the midfield line and made it considerably difficult to pass through the central lane, forcing Mourinho’s men to hit balls continuously, a remedy that had little effect.

Only Spinazzola’s quality on the left generated space which the winger himself then rejected with imprudent crosses. Matic showed his quality in defensive actions throughout the game, minimizing his rival’s attacks as much as possible.

The stadium effect was disappearing as Feyenoord were settling in. A shot by Cristante that touches the post, a poorly managed counterattack between Belotti and Pellegrini and a shot by El Shaarawy were the salient moments in attack of a she Wolf who, as well as being incapacitated in the closing metres, suffered from Wijnaldum’s injury.

To all this, Feyenoord brought the game to their own homeland. Wasting time from the first minute, make them cut the pace and bribes to drive the Italians crazy have the desired effect. It was not played regularly.

The Dutch have gradually grown on the basis of that defensive solidity and thanks to the clearest chance of the match. A great combination in midfield that ends with a cross that Szymanski closes with force right where Rui Patricio was, who finds the ball and throws it away at point blank range.

The second act begins like the first, with a lunge from the locals which ends with a shot from the post by Pellegrini. The stadium started to believe it and after a Dutch response, the long-awaited goal has arrived. Spinazzola, key to the success of this team, ends with a loose ball and ignites the game even more.

The Feyenoord players’ legs started shaking. Roma’s were fresh again. The Rotterdam team began to distrust, to have doubts about what up to that moment had been a perfect ball throw that led to an inaccurate one. The goal changed everything.

Dybala’s entrance It was an added advantage that turned the game even more towards the goal defended by Bijlow. Cristante also scores the 2-0 on the scoresheet, but the referee cancels the goal due to a clear preventive foul by Abraham.

But what seemed to go in one direction changed radically with the injury of Smalling, the absolute leader of the defense. yellow and red. Without him Roma were weaker behind. And Feyenoord made the most of when he was on the ropes. Paixao finished scoreless and scored the equalizer at one. Silence fell at the Olimpico.

Feyenoord’s problem was the same as many other teams that pass through the Italian capital. He has a first and last name. It’s Paulo Dybala. The Jewel is not missing in the great moments since its arrival in Rome. Good control inside the box from behind and a swing turned his left foot into a great goal, to re-engage the fans and take the match into extra time.

It all happened in extra time. Feyenoord had it very clearly in Giménez’s shoes. Dybala scared of a relapse, visibly upset, but recovers to place a corner on Ibáñez’s head which ends up on the post. The match was interrupted due to physical fatigue, and between comings and goings the sentence has come. Pellegrini finds Abraham in the area, who does the same with El Shaarawy.

But the meeting didn’t stop there. Once again Dybala was the formula for happiness. Golden pass to Abraham who star striker in goal but whose rejection was picked up by Pellegrini to put the final 4-1 in suspense due to the review of the VAR.

Roma is Dybala and ten others. The world champion took his team to the semi-finals, in which they will face Bayer Leverkusen led by Xabi Alonso and which also has Qatari champion Exequiel Palacios.

A strong start against pressure-ridden inexperienced rivals Union St. Gilloise facilitated a 4-1 win in Brussels with goals from Moussa Diaby (2m), Mitchel Bakker (38m), Jeremie Frimpong (60m) and Adam Hlozek (80m) . Furthermore, with this victory, the German team reached twelve games without losing.

Source: Clarin

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