Gervonta Davis was left with the expected duel against Ryan García with a devastating hook to the liver

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Gervonta Davis confirmed tonight the strength of his punches and prevailed by knockout in an expected match against Ryan Garcia, which took place in Las Vegas. He did it with a devastating hook to his rival’s liver in the seventh round of a fight in which there was no title in play.

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The nicknamed Tank issued a warning in round two, when he dropped his opponent at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and sealed his win five rounds later, thus extending his record to 29 wins in as many appearances, 27 of which were before the limit.

After an initial round that yielded little action, it was García who chained the first accurate attack by delivering a series of jabs that tripped up the boxer sponsored by Floyd Mayweather, who was also his promoter from 2015 until last year.

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Davis looked lost and the Californian emboldened. However, that scenario was quickly diluted because the regular champion in the lightweight division of the World Boxing Association reacted immediately, blasted his left punch into his rival’s face and confirmed the power of his punches (he came to this bout with 26 ko in 28 presentations) A sends Ryan to the canvas for the first time.

In the following rounds, both boxers lowered the intensity. Tank he tried to close the gap on Garcia and filter his defense with his increased foot speed. king ryTaller and with longer arms than his opponent, he couldn’t find the time or distance to deliver a blow until round six, when he finally found his opponent’s humanity and was able to connect, albeit without do too much damage.

He early end of the fight It came to the seventh round, when Gervonta dodged a left hand from Garcia and ducked under his contender’s arms. From that point Davis began to build the final attack: Baltimore’s one lit the fuse and, while he got up, he exploded his left fist on the rival’s liverthat it took a few seconds for him to feel the impact, but when he did, he planted his right knee on the floor and couldn’t get up again.

Davis thus extended his hitting streak, while it left an undefeated Garcíaformer interim WBC lightweight champion, who had just won his 23 bouts (19 on the fast track).

“I knew what he was going to throw at me, we had studied him, I put him down with a tremendous punch, but I thought he was going to get up. I’m very excited,” Davis said after the fight. Garcia, for his part, recognized that his rival was better and deserved to win.

An expected fight and a preview with many condiments

The negotiations to reach the definitive agreement to carry on this fight were extremely tough, above all because the representatives of corporations located on opposite roads had to sit at the table.

On one side were Golden Boy, García’s promoter, and DAZN, the platform with which the Californian has an agreement. On the other, Premier Boxing Champions, which manages Davis’ interests, and Showtime, the network which broadcasts his matches.

“Gervonta and Ryan wanted this fight and didn’t want anyone to leave until it was over. That pressure really helped us sort out all the issues,” explained Stephen Espinoza, president of Showtime Sports.

During an Instagram live followed by 188,000 people last Monday, Davis and Ryan insulted each other and agreed on an all-or-nothing bet: the winner would keep each other’s million-dollar purses.


Source: Clarin

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