Fernando Gago’s racing and noisy silence: what happens if he loses to Flamengo?

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The silence at the Bombonera exit made noise. Even if it seems like an oxymoron, that Fernando Gago suspending the press conference was an internal message. To the players? To the leaders? The technician is angry with the situation. Beyond the fact that he should make a profound self-criticism for the tactical disposition and a game idea that he doesn’t seem willing to deal with even at this juncture of crisis, His anger points to a decimated campus that is unresponsive. And although I have the promise that reinforcements will arrive for the second leg of the Libertadores, Nobody knows what will happen if the result is negative against Flamengo.

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Can Gago slam the door? The technician has the handle. In Racing no one will ask him to leave, apart from the fans, tired of the defeats in the league (four in the last five games with a meager harvest of 1 point out of 15 at stake). Víctor Blanco is satisfied with the coach’s work. He believes the project has a long reach and his wish is to finish his mandate next year with the former Boca, Real Madrid and national team midfielder sitting on the bench.

Gago believes memory is short-term, that few recognize him having added 80 points last year and having won two finals against Boca, no less. AND Nursing care is also not taken into considerationsomething that the coach himself slipped after the crash against Atlético Tucumán in the Cilindro: Emiliano Vecchio, Leonel Miranda, Johan Carbonero, Edwin Cardona, Gabriel Rojas, and now Gonzalo Piovi and Facundo Mura, injured in Saturday’s classic. Aníbal Moreno returned on Saturday. Matías Rojas has physical ups and downs.

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Piovi came out injured and joined the victims of a decimated team.  Photo: Fernando de la Orden

Piovi came out injured and joined the victims of a decimated team. Photo: Fernando de la Orden

Leaders are angrier at the players than at the coach. Two of them, at the Bombonera exit, were complaining in the parking lot. “They didn’t kick,” they said, in addition to what Piovi threw at Luis Vázquez and was not sent off due to the embarrassing refereeing of Andrés Merlos, who also did not show the red card to Valentín Barco and Sebastián Villa.

The racing game has entered a critical spiral and Gago has to take this into account. In his last contact with the press, he said he was facing a team in which “individuals” weigh more than collective functioning. And he exposed himself. If you have less raw material, why not look for another tactical alternative? In this context trying to play with defenders in the middle of the field is not very smart. The big problem with racing is recoil.

On the other hand, there are great players. With Paolo Guerrero (39), Iván Pillud (37), Gabriel Hauche (36) and Leonardo Sigali (35) at the helm. The physical demand is very high and when it was rotated it didn’t work. The replacement is poor. And the guys who start appearing aren’t decisive either. Emiliano Saliadarre had two chances, with Atlético Tucumán as starter and the second half with Boca. It didn’t seem out of place, but it wasn’t the solution either. And in reserve they begin to look at the coach with a certain suspicion because he takes youth players who he gives little prominence.

Fans are furious and express themselves on social media. But they also have to think. Many are more busy watching the sidewalk of the red neighbor fighting against relegation and its debts. And at home, not everything is so beautiful as to throw blue and white butter on the ceiling.

Racing’s defeat at La Bombonera

Source: Clarin

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