The good moment of Augusto Batalla who shielded the goal of San Lorenzo: 20 fences unbeaten in 33 games

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One of secrets of success of this Saint Lawrence From Ruben Dario Insuawho is River’s regular accompaniment in the local tournament, continues in the Argentina Cup and play the South Americanit is in the arc. Battle of Augustus He was the man chosen by the Galician to take over Barça’s gloves and the goalkeeper responded with great performances and numbers that began to transform him into an unbeatable: He has already hit 20 fences undefeated in 33 introductions.

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Insua armed his Cyclone from back to front, favoring the defensive order to regain the confidence lost last year and then to encourage more in attack. In the arc she had a similar idol Sebastian Torrico in the final phase of his career. The coach was carrying on this process between the two in goal until the Condor’s retirement in December.


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Batalla had to return to River as his loan expired. But the DT insisted behind closed doors that the management move and agree on a new assignment. He succeeded and recovered Batalla, who remained in charge of watching over the three sticks of San Lorenzo and, moreover, as one of the captains together with Khalil Elijah AND Nicholas Blandi.

Batalla grew stronger with each performance. And in 2023, since his return, it has become more and more gigantic. Protected by a five-man defense that has three top-level central defenders such as Raffaele Perez, Federico Gattoni AND Gaston HernándezBattaglia responds as the goalkeeper of a great team to which he gets little, but when it happens he becomes a savior.

Photo: Press San Lorenzo.

Photo: Press San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo are so far the least beaten team in the local league. After 14 dates played, Boedo’s team has just conceded 5 goals, one less than leaders River (6). Batalla finished with a clean back in 20 of the 33 games in which he made saves.

At the age of 27, he became one of the leaders of the team. And his good performances confirm him more and more in a position where he has internal competition from Facundo Altamirano, the good goalkeeper who arrived after his great year on the Board of Trustees.

Yes for now Battle continuity is not ensured beyond December. is that your loan is due at the end of the year. But be careful: River has a play-off chance in June in their contract. Will Martín Demichelis want to recover it?

Source: Clarin

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