Germán Cano and his football journey: from painless transition in Argentina to world top scorer in 2023

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Could it have been German Cano’s dream night? Difficult to make such a statement. It’s just that, this year, the Argentine scorer from Fluminense got tired of breaking goals. Yes, during 2023 the striker with blue and white blood He has a better goal average than Haaland, Mbappé and Benzema. The top scorer of the flu has the same cries as the Norwegian android of Manchester City: 23 goals even if in 21 games, two games less than the colossus led by Guardiola.

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For this reason, this morning, the European sports media headlined with astonishment: “Cano Beats Haaland”. And in that race there will be until the end of the year, the Argentine chi He is already the second highest foreign gunner in Brazilian lands. The first is the Serbian Petkovic with 84 goals. I 67 Argentinian who makes the Maracana scream They put him in front of Paolo Guerrero, who follows him with 57.

Germán Cano has ceased to be a foreigner in our country in recent times. His goalscoring titles haven’t stopped coming from Brazil since 2020. In fact, in just over three years it has already exceeded one hundred shouts of thanks as it passed by Vasco da Gama and Fluminense. But this Wednesday morningGoogle searches have skyrocketed. When entering your name in the search engine, the first options offered by the Internet giant are “German Cano fan of”, “German Cano Boca”, “age”, “German Cano fan of RIver…”

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Last night, the Argentine born in Lomas de Zamora 35 years agopassed through Lanús, Colón and Chacarita (where he barely scored three goals, clubs where he was questioned) and went through Colombia and Mexico before making the leap to Brazil, He had his perfect game against River. Another perfect match from a footballer who left our country as a complete stranger.

Cano scored 3 goals against the millionaire by Martín Demichelis who received his first open hand slap since sitting on the River bench. But it could have been five. Is that, the man who also crossed the Mexican Pachuca had another disallowed, due to an offside at the start of the game, and also shot at one of the posts.

“It was a dream night. We had a lesson on how to play football and for me scoring three goals at Maracana and against River is something very special.“Cano highlighted after the match.

The result could have been more extensive. River came out the same for us, that’s why it was an open game. It’s much better for us,” said the striker who made his debut at Lanús in 2008.

“Now, as a team, we have to continue like this because we can aspire to great things, and we have to do it with our usual humility,” said Cano who, since arriving at Fluminense, has already won two Carioca Championships and two State Cups.

Last year and this one are the best of my career.right now that I’m 35″, the forward exults and complains at Fluminense he already has 67 goals in 90 games. His goal average in these two years is enviable and reaches 0.75 per game. Without going any further, Benzema scored 21 and Mbappé 17.

Cano is fully recognized in Brazil, even by more established players. One night at the concentration of influence, the players they listened to crack Marcelo, who won five Champions Leagues with Real Madrid, who said that the player who had surprised him the most was Gareth Bale, for his simplicity in defining first. “And here we have the matador, who does it with both legs,” he said and pointed to the Argentine who didn’t enter the corps to mention him.

The complicity between Cano and Marcelo is so great that, when the Argentine defines thanks to an assist from the full-back, they gather on one side of the field to celebrate CR7 and together shout “Siuuuu!”.

Why are you celebrating by forming the letter L with your index finger and thumb? Because he dedicates his goals to his little son Lorenzo.

Germán Cano and his hat-trick, one of the protagonists in the flu nets.  Photo: Twitter.

Germán Cano and his hat-trick, one of the protagonists in the flu nets. Photo: Twitter.

Cano has scored in all competitions he has played for the Rio de Janeiro team this year: He did it in the Guanabara Cup, Cup of Brazil, Brasileirao yen Copa Libertadores where he already has 5 goals and is one behind Pabón, the Atlético Nacional player who leads the scoring chart. It is worth saying that Cano did not take penalties and the Colombian scored two from twelve paces.

After being a globetrotter in the American leagues, Cano found his promised land in Brazil: beach, hills, sand and goals, many goals. He arrived at Vasco da Gama, where he scored 43 goals in two years and at Fluminense he became a total killer: 44 goals in 2022, breaking the record of Neymar and Gabigol in a calendar year and now has 23 tears.

Despite his present, Cano believes it’s difficult to reach the national team, even if he doesn’t lose: “What I can do is give my best in my team, it’s difficult to get into this process. But I’m a big fan of the national team,” says Cano which also encouraged the World Champion team in Qatar.

Source: Clarin

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