Puerto Cabello-Tigre, for the Copa Sudamericana: preview, timetable, how to watch it and probable formations

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Tiger visit this wednesday Puerto Cabello from Venezuela with the obligation to achieve a victory to continue with the possibility of accessing the next phase, in a match valid for the third round of Group D of the Copa Sudamericana.

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The match is played from 21:00 at the Misael Delgado stadium, located in the state of Carabobo. It has arbitration by Ecuadorian Augusto Aragón Bautista and ESPN cable signal transmission.

The “Matador” adds three units like Deportes Tolima, and is three behind the leader San Pablo (6), played in the first two dates.

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In their last cup presentation, they beat the Colombians 2-1 as guests.

Puerto Cabello, meanwhile, are bottom of their pointsless zone after two defeats, and if they lose again they will have virtually no chance of progressing from the group stage.

= Probable formations =

Puerto Cabello: Louis Romero; Kevin De La Hoz, Carlos Rivero, Edwin Peraza and José Luis Granados; Gideon Zuma, Junior Cedeño, Raudy Guerrero and Danny Pérez; Williams Lugo and Luifer Hernandez. DT: Noël Sanvicente.

Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Victor Aguilera, Brian Leizza and Sebastián Prieto; Martín Garay, Agustín Cardozo, Lucas Menossi and Facundo Colidio, Mateo Retegui and Blas Armoa. DT: Diego Martinez.

Referee: Augusto Aragona Bautista.

Stadium: Michael Delgado.

Now: 21.00.


Source: Clarin

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