Coronation of Carlos III: All the details of Harry’s trip to London and his visa and drug problems in the US

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Prince Hary will only be in London for 24 hours to attend his father’s coronation, the King Charles III, on the most important day of her life. It is the result of a long conversation tete a tete finally between the two.

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But above all it was the decision of machinery of buckingham palacewho gave way to him and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, until the last because at a coronation the king’s children must be present beyond the differences.

It is not a whim of Harry, fifth in the line of succession and Councilor of State to the King. It is a constitutional function, that he can’t leave if he doesn’t want to disappear into the structure of a monarchy, with a dysfunctional family and at war.

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The Duke of Sussex is coming an airliner the day before and will leave on a private plane, two hours after the ceremony coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey, to be able to arrive – thanks to the time difference – in Montecito for the birthday of Archie, his eldest son.

A tourist poses next to wax figures of King Charles, his sons and daughter-in-law, Kate.  Photo: AFP

A tourist poses next to wax figures of King Charles, his sons and daughter-in-law, Kate. Photo: AFP

That same day, Archie will celebrate his birthday. The king’s nephew he was not invited to the coronation neither his sister Lilibet, because they are very young.

the behind the scenes

There has been much speculation about how long Harry intends to stay in London. A source confirmed Tuesday evening: “Harry will be in and out of the UK in 24 hours.. He’ll just do the coronation service and then he’ll be gone.”

Omid Scobi, a journalist who wrote the first Sussex book and serves as spokesperson, admitted on Wednesday that Harry and Meghan did not know if they had been invited.

“It wasn’t a question of whether or not they would come, but whether or not they were invited,” he clarified. So the Sussexes had to do it wait for confirmation. Unfortunately for him there is no established function in the ceremony,” the spokesman explained.

The 11am ceremony (7AM in Argentina) finishes at 1PM (9AM in Buenos Aires), so Harry could be on the plane between 2 and 3pm bound for Montecito. He spent ten hours traveling 5,000 miles, landing in the early afternoon local time.

The “Savings” effect.

It was Harry’s rebellion, his book Spare, The Substitute, which chronicles the intimacies of Buckingham Palace, the injustices they have suffered, and his demand for an apology from the royal family to him and his wife for their ill treatment, that he delayed his decision to respond to the invitation to arrive at the coronation. The same reasons why the invitation was late from the Palace.

A difficult decision for Harry, who will probably be inserted in the “Siberia” of Westminster Abbeywithout military uniform, despite being a combat veteran in Afghanistan, and in a jacket with his medals on it.

Away from his father and brother, with whom you neither speak nor look. He will be close to Andrew, Duke of York, who fell into disgrace after the Epstein case, and his two daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice and their husbands, who are not part of the working-class royal family.

Unlike his brother William, heir to the throne, Harry will not attend the ceremony nor was he invited to the carriage procession or to greet his father and the rest of the Royal Family from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The children and grandchildren of Camilla, the new queen, will also take part in the coronation.

Fear of the “media circus”

The official excuse for a few to appear in the palace is that Carlos III wants it a “lean” monarchy, reduced. A concept that Anne, Princess Royal, her sister and the most hardworking of the Royal Family, does not share when fewer and fewer members fulfill their official commitments.

The palace courtiers, the “grey men” whom the Sussexes detest as much as Princess Diana, feared that the Sussexes’ appearance at the coronation will pass the ceremony, the king and queen.

The “media circus” that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex bring upon their arrival, the panic over their Netflix series, their cameramen and photographers, and your freedom of speech in the interviews they give he terrifies the courtiers.

They are the ones who want to limit them because they threaten the popularity of the rest of the royal family and distract the tabloids. Serving the Queen’s Thanksgiving, front page of The Times newspaper it was Harry and Meghan arriving at the ceremony and not the united royal family working on St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Sussexes after the Thanksgiving ceremony for the reign of Elizabeth II, in April 2023. Photo: AP

The Sussexes after the Thanksgiving ceremony for the reign of Elizabeth II, in April 2023. Photo: AP

Tabloids bombard public opinion on how the Sussexes and Prince Andrew have the lowest public approval ratings in polls.

The Duchess of Montecito

Meghan stayed in California, officially to be at her son Archie’s birthday, but be at peace. Unofficially because Meghan Markle moved on from her on the Royal stage of her. She signed with the top Hollywood agency a continue his careerits documentary production and strengthen its brand in the United States.

Nothing in Royal Land happens by chance. That is why the palace was leaked to the Telegraph newspaper a letter from Meghan to Carlosin response to the one that the then Prince of Wales had sent them two years ago after the interview in which he accused them of being racist.

Rebellious marriage.  Photo: Reuters

Rebellious marriage. Photo: Reuters

Meghan’s rep responded by saying she was in “another period of her life”. The Duchess’ visits to London have been heartbreaking and now they were left homelessin retaliation for the king.

As reported by the Palace

“Buckingham Palace is delighted to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation service at Westminster Abbey on 6 May,” reads the long-awaited letter. He added to virtually no one’s surprise: “The Duchess of Sussex will stay in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have known for months that this is how they would approach the May 6 ceremony. Among his friends in Montecito, it’s been an open secret that Harry has been planning to attend without Meghan since “Spare” came out in January, possibly even earlier.

Spare, Harry's book.  Photo: OSCAR DEL POZO / AFP

Spare, Harry’s book. Photo: OSCAR DEL POZO / AFP

There were all the signs, from the Duchess’s near-absence on her husband’s introductory tour, to rumors of discontent over Archie and Lilibet’s apparent exclusion from the coronation procession.

And in what world would the woman who once told Oprah Winfrey “the biggest title I’ll ever have is mom” feel comfortable skipping her oldest son’s fourth birthday in favor of an event that would require her to do? her son-in-law and mother-in-law, but also to her brother and sister-in-law, the even stranger princes of Wales?

However, they also knew they would be charged “snub” King’s Big Day if neither of them attended.

Having recently announced that they have opted to use their sons’ royal princely titles, which drew attention to them in the palace announcement, it would have seemed rather disingenuous for the fifth in line to the throne to skip the bigger event at court. since 1953.

a distant reconciliation

This is the third chance for a true reconciliation. But with heads of state, kings and the ceremony itself going on, Harry certainly did he will leave without seeing anyone close to his family, which is not close to him at the Abbey.

Harry, William and Carlos tried and failed after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April 2021, when a family summit failed to settle matters after Oprah’s interview. Even Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last September was unsuccessful and Harry revealed in his memoirs that he wanted to reconcile with his father and brother, apologizing.

The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral in April 2021. Photo: Reuters

The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April 2021. Photo: Reuters

But Harry and the king have a conversation, minimal, but from father to son.

Harry, the visa and the drugs

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, may need to keep US authorities up to date on his drug use if he wants to maintain visa rights to live in California.

The Duke’s immigration status was subject to intense scrutiny after The Heritage, a Washington-based conservative think tank, requested publication of his visa application, in light of his admission of drug use.

U.S. immigration laws state that any alien “determined to use drugs” is classified as “ineligible.” Although immigration officials can use their discretion to overturn the rule.

Sources close to the Duke of Sussex have indicated he was sincere in his visa application. Which suggests he disclosed his drug use, which has continued since he moved to the United States in 2020.

The Heritage Foundation, the largest conservative think tank in the US, has now used freedom of information laws to request the publication of his visa application, saying it is in the public interest for authorities to reveal what the duke said about his drug use.

They also ask for details of any exceptions you have been granted, including the identity of the person who made the decision.

People who immigrate to the US are generally granted a three-year visa. Which means Prince Harry will have to apply for a new visa, green card or citizenship this year, which could be a problem in light of his recent admissions.

In his autobiography, Spare, and in television interviews, the Duke of Sussex has admitted to having it used cocaine, cannabis and magic mushrooms following the traumatic death of her mother, Princess Diana.

He admitted to consuming magic mushroom chocolates, illegal in the US, during a party at the Friends star’s house. Courtney Cox, in Los Angeles. He also spoke of his “positive” experience with the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca, also illegal in the United States, although he did not specify where he got it.

One option open to immigration officials in cases where people have admitted to drug use is to require them to update the medical examiners on their drug use within a few months.

Samuel Dewey, a lawyer acting on behalf of the Heritage Foundation in its freedom of information case, said: “When there is an adjustment of status, such as an application for a green card, a complete medical examination is required.”

He added: “A condition of waiver in the case of someone who has admitted to drug use might be that the person needs to go back to the coroner, so that there is some sort of follow-up. But we don’t know how Prince Harry was treated and that’s why we ask ourselves these questions.”

Freedom of information requests have been sent to the US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Dewey said that if Freedom of Information requests are denied, the Foundation, which has 500,000 members, will take the matter to court.

A source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said Prince Harry was “candid in his visa application”.


Source: Clarin

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