Party in Naples: this is the city after the Napoli championship after 33 years of waiting

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Naples is celebrating. For the first time in 33 years, since Diego Armando Maradona, the city team, Napoli, became champions of the Italian Serie A. In the most passionate city in Italy, a country that understands passions, the fans took to the streets to celebrate the title. Madness and happiness seem endless.

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Thousands of supporters mostly chose to gather for the festivities in the main Maradona mural proudly displaying the Campania capital in the Spanish Quarters.

Meanwhile, the San Paolo-Diego Armando Maradona is full of fans celebrating the title conquered by the team led by Luciano Spalletti.​

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Thousands of fans, dressed in team shirts and caps, arrived at the Spanish Quarters and headed straight for Largo Maradona, the square at the top of Via De Deo, where is the most famous mural among those dedicated to the best footballer of all time. The area was, for days, decorated with flags and with the silhouettes of the players that make up the current squad, hung from the power lines and also between the balconies.

The festivities, each with its own particular color, had been multiplying for days. Thursday evening, in the Case Nuove area, “the funeral of the Scudetto” was staged: the crosses identified with the shields of the other 19 teams participating in Serie A were placed on the ground and a coffin was even moved there onto a truck which rested scarves of Juventus, Milan, Inter and Turin. “For all of Italy, excruciating pain. After so many years, we have crucified you.”said a banner hanging next to the wooden crate.

This Saturday, thousands of faithful and onlookers made a pilgrimage to Diego’s mural. A win against Salernitana at the San Paolo (now Diego Armando Maradona) would have earned them the Scudetto, but they had to wait until Thursday when Udine’s draw sealed Serie A’s fortunes. All accommodation places in the city have been occupied for dayseven in the hotel that the team usually uses in the days preceding each game.

The surveillance operation -planned for days- All Municipal Police forces are affected and health and public transport services have been strengthened. The celebrations are distributed between the seafront, Piazza del Plebiscito, the Spanish Quarters and the Artichoke Fountain in Piazza Trieste e Trento, where the fans usually dive into each celebration.

“Napoli must show their joy, but also their organizational skills. We must ensure, especially in the historic center, that it is a party. I am convinced that it will be a wonderful celebration in which everyone will be able to responsibly express their joy. Napoli knows how to celebrate and they will prove it on Sunday”Mayor Gaetano Manfredi expressed himself a few days ago. The party is complete.

Source: Clarin

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