The amusing reunion between Lionel Messi and Lewandowski after the World Cup crossing in Qatar

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In most cases, there’s no sporting rage that a chat can’t fix. This Monday, in graduate awards, a crossroads with history could have been fixed. The protagonists? neither more nor less than Lionel Messicaptain of the Argentine national team, and Polish goalscorer Robert Lewandowskiwho shared a pleasant dialogue at the center of the red carpet set up in the luxurious Pavillon Vendome, in the center of Paris.

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as far as he could tell clarion, Lewandowski was the one who waited for the 35-year-old from Rosario in one of the ‘labyrinths’ crossed by the guests of the gala. The Barcelona striker was invited because he awarded the “TeamUp” initiative with the prize in the “Sport for Good” category of the Oscars of sport.

The Pole was patient as Messi walked hand in hand with his wife Antonella Roccuzzowho also participated in the amusing speech, a very different tone than those moments of cross-statements between both referents of their selected.

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In the dialogue, which lasted about a minute, Messi asked him if he lived with his family in Casteldefels and Antonela told him that both the Polish striker and his wife “loved” the city of Barcelona.

A crossroads with history

Photo: Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP.

Photo: Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP.

The anger was generated more than a year and a half ago, after the post-pandemic delivery of the 2021 Ballon d’Or was postponed by Covid.

Lewandowski believed it would be for him as he had a perfect season with Bayern Munich and scored 40 goals. Hand.

That prize eventually went to Messi, who won his seventh personal award because he had a great season in Barcelona and won the Copa América in Brazil together with the national team, relegating the Pole to second place, by just 33 votes.

The result unleashed the Pole’s fury. The curious thing is that right at the awards ceremony, it was Messi himself who gave Lewandowski a good atmosphere: “It’s an honor to fight with Lewandowski, you were the winner of last year’s Ballon d’Or (for 2020 which was not delivered due to the pandemic) and France Football should give you the award. You should have it at home too.”

Lewandowski did not believe the message sent by Leo during the ceremony and retorted: “I would like it to be a sincere statement from a great player and not empty words,” he said in a bad mood.

The new chapter took place in January 2022 with The Best award given by FIFA. And this time it was Lewandowski who brought Messi back to center stage.

“I came to the conclusion that the Fifa award is more important, because only journalists vote for the Ballon d’Or. Instead, football professionals, captains and coaches vote for this trophy, who can evaluate everything more realistically,” said the Poland, lowering the price of the Ballon d’Or awarded by the French.

The Pole, for his part, was shocked when asked about Messi upon his arrival in Qatar.

“Things are misinterpreted. I’ve never said that Messi’s words weren’t sincere. What he said about me in Paris moved me and made me really happy. I congratulate him on the award,” Lewandowski said. However, no one believed him.

On December 1, during the third match of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar that Argentina beat Poland, they crossed paths again. In the second half, the Pole fouled Messi in midfield and La Pulga showed total indifference towards him when he apologized for the striker’s action.

“I bumped into Messi and it was very strange because we were both in midfield. I was defending in the middle of the game and I knew I had to help the team,” Lewandowski said of the attack and the fact that both met as protagonists in a foul in midfield.

In the mixed zone, Leo Messi minimized what happened with the Polish champion: “Nothing happens, nothing. He doesn’t speak Spanish and they taught me that everything that is spoken on the pitch stays on the pitch and in the locker room”. he said.

Despite not speaking the same language, after the game Lewandowski and Leo were seen chatting on the sidelines, hands covered over their mouths. “Messi and I talked a bit,” admitted Lewandowski, Germany.

Source: Clarin

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