“I had to lose two great friends”: a cabal depending on the moment and another indelible for the Argentine finalist of the A1 paddle

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In the sports field there are those who use cabals to get out of the holes in performance and go to them to overcome the negative streak. Others have their rituals related to situations that have marked the lives of athletes, as in the case of Frederick Cloisters. Among the soft lights, the artificial smoke and the play of lights that anticipates the start of the show at the A1 padel in River, where the title is defined this Sunday, the figure of him appears by striking a tattoo that shows off his left arm. There is no party that does not kiss that indelible memory, which has a special meaning in his life.

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“I am very cabulero, before my cabal touched the union of the glasses. The truth, as I said yesterday, did not give results because I was not winning. And I kept changing them, changing, and as the game goes on I find one new and when it gives the result I follow it”said the player, referring to his repeated gesture of making “horns” with his hands, approaching the corner he defends, touching the blindex and starting a new point.

Federico Chiostri protagonist in Padel A1.  Photo: A1 Paddle press.

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Federico Chiostri protagonist in Padel A1. Photo: A1 Paddle press.

But there is one that does not change at all and that, whatever happens, accompanies him at all times. Kiss on a bright tattoo on the left arm. “The kisses on the tattoo but they are two people who unfortunately are no longer here, two great friends that I had to loseone was a big brother to me i lived with him for a long time the other was my idol all my life i was lucky enough to become a good friend and sadly they are not around today but i always keep them close mind because they are Elijah Stella AND Gonzalo SaliasNothing, for me the growth I’ve had and the maturation I’ve had on the field was due to their loss which made me mature a lot and helped me continue to grow, so nothing, very happy,” said the player as the his eyes went glassy.

Both were paddle tennis players and died in road accidents. In 2016 it was Estrella, at the time number 1 in the ranking, who lost his life after hitting his car in which he was traveling with the World Padel Tour and Premier Padel player Martin DiNenno, versus a long-distance micro. Two years later, Salías was also the victim of an accident, having been involved in a tragedy together with another vehicle and a truck. The incident occurred when the player was returning from the Master Pádel tournament in Buenos Aires with Federico Chiostri.

Cloisters at the final of the A1 Padel.  Photo: A1 Padel print

Cloisters at the final of the A1 Padel. Photo: A1 Padel print

Having them in the memory, and in a tattoo engraved for eternity, gives the Chiostri an edge to face tournaments hungry for glory. The presence of his family is added to this tournament in Buenos Aires, which also gives it something extra. “Here is my brother, here is my cousin, who of course what hurts me the most is losing a lot of things with themwith my family, but unfortunately, as I said yesterday, they are athlete’s things and I miss them, but hey, here they are,” said the player, who vowed to aim for the title after qualifying for the A1 Padel Final.

the finalists

During the week, the official organization of the A1 paddle tennis circuit had announced that tickets to be able to access the semi-finals played this Saturday were no longer available for purchase due to high demand. And at the time of the start of the two semi-finals, the stands of the microstadium located in the Más Monumental de River stadium showed that everything was packed and both matches, of a high level, to define the finalists of this edition, saw the participation of a large audience.

The first decisive match had as protagonists the n. 1 in the ranking, Franco Dal Bianco and Maximiliano Arce, who managed to get a pot and obtained a 6/4 6/4 victory against Alex Chozas, at times irregular, and Agustín Gutiérrez , a result that covers the same level of both couples who demonstrated on the track. In this way, the number 1 passed to the final and was a candidate to obtain the title of this edition.

After a short break, which saw the participation of the public present in various activities on the field, the pairs formed by Federico Chiostri – Pablo Barrera and Diego Ramos – Agustín Torre competed on the field, in a match that had a similar pace to the tournament final. A first set fell on Ramos – Torre’s side for 6/4, when the rivals didn’t find the right confidence to complete a match that seemed complicated.

But everything turned upside down in the second set, where it was Chiostri – Barrera’s turn to put what happened behind them, to then seal the pass for the final after beating their rivals 6/3 in the third and final set.

Source: Clarin

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