Marcelo Bielsa has arrived in Uruguay: when will he be introduced as national coach and how long will his contract last?

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It’s a special week for Uruguay. They will be mobilized days from the arrival of Marcello Bielsawhich generates illusion in his fans and uncertainty in his detractors, but which undoubtedly sows attraction in the world of football, which is why it causes his return to the ring, in an always attractive Selection like Celeste. Wednesday will be the day of the formal presentation, but the Rosary landed this Monday in Montevideo.

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Bielsa’s contract will last until 2026, when the World Cup organized by the United States, Mexico and Canada will end, even if one of his main and first objectives will be next year’s Copa América, precisely in North America, as a preview of the ecumenical event .

After signing the contract, Bielsa will get to work presenting his first list of foreign players reserved for the friendlies against Nicaragua AND Cuba, respectively on June 14 and 20, both at the mythical Centenary of Montevideo.

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Photo: Franck FIFE/AFP.

Photo: Franck FIFE/AFP.

With his arrival in Uruguay, Bielsa will become the second foreigner to drive La Celeste after his compatriot Daniele Alberto Passarella I did this between 1999 and 2001.

Crazy, always thoroughapproved last Thursday the contents of the contract which has been discussed for the past six months and which has come and gone again and again with various adjustments.

Phillips and his excellent relationship with Marcelo Bielsa.

Phillips and his excellent relationship with Marcelo Bielsa.

His latest job, like nearly every one he’s had, spawned a revolution in the Leeds United of Englandwhich he commanded from the league all the way back to the Premier League.

The contract for Bielsa and its technical staff amounts to $4 million a year. That would be $330,000 a month to be distributed among his work group, which he has six members. How will your closest team be made up? The Chilean Diego Reyes and the Argentines Pablo Quiroga AND Luca Oubina they will be his three field assistants. In the logistics area he will make use of the collaboration of two women: magal count AND Sarah Bouza. The first will be in Uruguay and the second will work from Europe. The video analyst will be Spanish Diego Bermudez, which will also do its job from the Old Continent. Also, out of Loco’s kidney, the Uruguayan Carlos Nicola He will be the goalkeeping coach and the physical trainer will be appointed by the AUF in the next few days.

a crazy journey

After the first two friendlies already scheduled, Bielsa will await the start of the South American qualifiers. On 4 September he will receive Chile in Montevideo and on 12 of the same month he will visit Ecuador.

Uruguay will be the third South American team he will lead after crossing Argentina between 1998 and 1994 and Chile between 2007 and 2011. He thus participates in two World Cups (Korea-Japan 2002 and South Africa 2010).

CLAIMA20120509_0137 AFP FALSE STEP.  The national team, eliminated in the first round of the 2002 World Cup. Batistuta and Bielsa, disappointed.  (Clarin archive)

CLAIMA20120509_0137 AFP FALSE STEP. The national team, eliminated in the first round of the 2002 World Cup. Batistuta and Bielsa, disappointed. (Clarin archive)

In addition to taking the reins of the senior national team, Bielsa has asked to lead the Under 23 team who will participate in the Venezuelan Pre-Olympics next year in view of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Rosario has experience in this area since he led the national team Argentina who won the gold medal in Athens 2004.

With the arrival of Bielsa in the Uruguayan team, seven of the ten teams in the Conmebol orbit are led by Argentinians. In addition to Lionel Scaloni, Néstor Lorenzo is at the helm of Colombia; Fernando Batista, in Venezuela; Gustavo Costas, in Bolivia; Eduardo Berizzo, in Chile, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto, in Paraguay. Only Brazil, Ecuador and Peru remain without Argentine coaches, although the latter two come from the services of Gustavo Alfaro and Ricardo Gareca.

The presentation of the AUF

Source: Clarin

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