Complaint for grooming against the former Olympic athlete Federico Molinari: in which case it is and what are the steps to follow

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the former gymnast Federico MolinariOlympic rings finalist at the London 2012 Games, was reported to the San Isidro Judicial Department for grooming to a minor who was a student in one of their schools. According to what is known this Tuesday, the complaint was filed March 13th and both the former athlete and his wife Paula Cancio They were separated from their positions in the Buenos Aires Gymnastics Federation.

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The complainant claimed that the “grooming” of her daughter began in 2020 through social networks, after she traveled with her daughter from Mendoza to Buenos Aires with the aim of improving her performance in the sport she is passionate about. And you had Cancio as a coach.

Photo: AP/Rebecca Blackwell

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Photo: AP/Rebecca Blackwell

The mother reported that there were messages on Instagram, first soft and then already with insinuations. And that even once the former gymnast would have greeted all the girls with her fist and her daughter would have taken her by the waist and greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

Justice carries out an investigation and has sent letters to Instagram to verify the messages sent. Molinari was not named, but it has emerged that he and his wife have been removed from the Buenos Aires Gymnastics Federation.

Source: Clarin

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