Manchester City, in the Champions League final: Kun Agüero’s reaction to Julián Álvarez’s goal

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Sergio Kun Aguero It is one of the most representative emblems of Manchester City in the last moment. dedicated to streambut always linked to football, the former Argentine national team striker reacted live to the Champions League semi-final accompanied by journalists Morena Beltrán and Miguel Simón.

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Morena, Simón and the former Independiente were in charge of commenting on every detail and the different specific situations of the match, which finished 1-1 in the first leg.

Given that result, and to want to go through to the final without having to go through extra time, there had to be a direct winner, and that was Manchester City, who won 4–0 with a final goal from Julián Álvarez.

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City started to dominate Real, but Courtois played his part and saved an impressive ball. “Ah well, the hand that took out”summed up Kun on the Belgian’s save.

But Bernardo Silva, with two goals, was in charge of carrying his team forward and starting to give them a ticket to the Champions League final. After the first goal, the ex-City player’s scoring cry was subdued. “Goal”, followed by cheers and a punch, was how he celebrated.

And with the Portuguese’s second goal, Agüero was encouraged to play a bit. “I said Rodrigo and Bernardo,” he said about who would be the key to the duel. And he added: “The smallest and a head-turner.”

And after the first phase, when he had to make a brief analysis of how he had seen the development of the game, where Pep Guardiola’s team had been clearly superior, he didn’t hesitate to call it a “dance”.

The Kun felt sure of City’s victory only when the English made it 3-0, after a confused play that had the misfortune of the Brazilian Militao, who in his eagerness to save put it in his own goal.

“Goal, that’s it… it’s over,” said Agüero, with the satisfaction of knowing that Real Madrid’s comeback was practically impossible due to the limited time left but also due to the dominance imposed by Guardiola’s men.

But the best was yet to come as Julián Álvarez came on late on and scored the final 4-0. Kun couldn’t help but applaud his former Argentina teammate with a happy smile.

“That makes you angry for a striker. Haaland had three clear chances and Julián comes on, and the first one he has is a goal? It’s like you say, shit,” said Kun, also referring to Erling Haaland, who with Real could not Madrid in the 180 minutes of the series.

Source: Clarin

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