Dani Alves uses her children as an asset for justice to free him after four months in prison

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The defense of the former Barcelona, Daniele Alves He has asked the court to release him provisionally, arguing that it is “unthinkable” that he would attempt to flee, given that he has a “Life Project” in Barcelona and has already sent their children to school in a city centre.

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The footballer’s lawyers, Cristóbal Martell and Arnau Xumetra, filed an appeal with the Court of Barcelona, ​​​​to which EFE had access, against the decision of the investigating judge to keep him in preventive detention, which he entered on January 20 accused of raping a young woman in the bathroom of a private room of the Sutton nightclub in the Catalan capital.

The footballer asked to be released on April 20 after appearing at his request before the investigating judge to give his fourth version of what happened in the disco suttonin which he insisted that he had engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with the complainant.

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Alves’ defense calls for his release

The Brazilian international’s lawyers argue in their appeal that the risk of flight is “non-existent” as the evidence in the case provides “a solid perspective and muscle” for the defence. “Dani Alves can and wants to defend himself and will not evade the trial”, reiterates the letter.

Furthermore, for the lawyers, the footballer’s “escape adventure” is unthinkable because escape would mean “an unbearable burden for the subject and a useless disgrace for himself and for his family and children” which Alves “doesn’t want to provoke”.

To avoid the risk of absconding, Alves’ lawyers point out that he has a “life plan” in Barcelona, ​​​​where he has always wanted his children to receive university educationso he registered them in Spain, where his eldest son will be studying his last year of high school.

Dani Alves and his wife, Joana Sanz: They got married in 2017.

Dani Alves and his wife, Joana Sanz: They got married in 2017.

The appeal also refutes the arguments of the private prosecution, which supports it the risk of absconding de Alves resurrected after his wife, the model Joana Sanzannounced last month via social media her intention to separate from him after eight years of marriage.

With this in mind, the lawyers provided the Court of Barcelona with a screenshot of the footballer’s judicial file, in which there is no divorce petition deposited by his wife.

The images of the bowling alley, analyzed by investigators

Beyond denying a flight risk, much of Alves’ appeal comes into focus contest the victim’s story in the light of the images taken by the nightclub’s security cameras in the moments before the footballer and the complainant entered the bathroom where the rape allegedly took place.

The defence, which provided the court with an expert report analyzing the images, claims that this document is of “indisputable” usefulness and justifies that it was drawn up by an investigative agency on the basis that “those professionals handle the necessary computer programs” to zoom, slow down and speed up images without tampering.

Dani Alves, in prison since January 20 of this year.  Photo: AP Photo/Andre Penner.

Dani Alves, in prison since January 20 of this year. Photo: AP Photo/Andre Penner.

Alves’ defense thus refutes the arguments of the investigating judge, who discredited the analysis of the videos by stating that they were nothing more than documentary evidence of one party, because they had not been “neither commissioned by the court nor carried out by the scientific police” .

The letter insists on questioning the story of the victim, who according to the defense is “dragged by a rush of events”, after which he “runs forward” to justify the reasons why he entered the bathroom with the footballer.

On the contrary, underlines the appeal, in his last appearance the suspect maintained a story “with solvency, linearity, without breaks in the contradictory and offering a covered version of rationality”, compared to his first “irregular and confused” statement, in which At all costs he tried to hide his infidelity from his wife.

Source: Clarin

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