Luis “Pulga” Rodríguez spoke for the first time after the serious accident: “I don’t remember much, I didn’t think if I would play again”

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Luis “Pulce” Rodriguezforward of Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero, spoke for the first time about the car accident he suffered on April 30 in Tucumán.

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Talking with TyC Sportthe former Colón and Atlético Tucumán described the event as “a shame, but with luck” and celebrated that he is “fine” and alive.

“We are fine, we are here, we are alive. I thank all the things I have received during this time and to God and the Virgin for giving me another chance at life.”

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In this sense, the veteran striker, who had a brief spell in the national team under the guidance of Diego Maradona, said he survived the overturning with his car “it was a rebirth”.

“Very happy to be able to see the family again, to be able to see the boys again, my children. Happy to be able to be in the club. I’m trying to put that bad step behind me,” he said, when he explained what the his next steps.

“I have to see the doctor on Monday and only then will he tell me if I can eat solid food again. Now I’m eating everything processed, but there are times that can’t be anticipated, you have to be patient.” Of his strict diet, the result of the operation for the double fracture of the right jaw, he showed can’t wait to eat the pot roast again: “I haven’t eaten meat for 20 days.”

Rodríguez said during the interview that he has no memories of the accident and that he wants to avoid them because “they can hurt him”.

I don’t remember much nor do I start spinning in my head trying to remember. All I know is that I didn’t get fired like they said. With the matching seat belt, what a calculation was what saved my life. I don’t remember when I got out of the vehicle. I know that I went out, I went to a house, I asked for help, I called for help from my cell phone, I don’t remember,” she explained.

“But I remember the most important things, which are my children, my family and that I’m playing at Central Córdoba,” he added.

As for his sporting future, “Pulga” said that during his hospitalization he did not think about whether or not he could play again and that he has only recently shown concern about that wait after the surgery. “It appreciates being alive. When I was in sanatorium, the only thing I wanted was to see my kids, I didn’t even ask if I would play again or not. I didn’t think about it,” he said.

Until the footballer is cleared to play, he will gradually return to training by pedaling and working with light dumbbells.

Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero, his current team, faced Unión de Santa Fe at home on Saturday for the 17th round of the Professional Soccer League, a tournament in which they are ranked 18th and need to add three to escape to decline.

Source: Clarin

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